Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Got an email, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 now 170, and they're throwing in a free 16GB microSD card and a smart cover...

Plus free 1 GB for three months internet...

Hmm, not really attractive.

Apple, waiting for their new phone. I will just wait in Apple's website instead of reading it first in the news.

GE Land, if you only have 1 laptop, it's so hard to level up your character. So buy another computer?

I don't what's happening there right now.

Still play, but it's like, just finish the daily quests for the exp card, the family reputation cards, that's it.

Angel Pistols still at 45m vis.

Price is stable, like it's not dropping.

Chipping it is difficult.
Used about 50 and still, it sucked.

And then you see these overpriced items.

I'm like, eh, I'll play with real life.

Seriously regretting making a team with Brunie, Rio and Viki. I don't use them anymore. Inferior to two musks and scout. At least, now I know.

Rio, I can't even get the expert stance. I'm not hardcore!

Brunie, she's OK, she can kill monsters a lot.

But the three of them combined, they die easily. They only have 40 HP?

This game feels different from when it was fun a year ago or two years ago.

Maybe I finally have gotten tired of it? Like don't care to grind anymore.

And then no one doing the JB and Team Arena as much as before...

Conclusion is, if you wait, all of these expensive items will become dirt cheap a year from now or two years from now.

But it already mentions the end.

Other online games, how do they compare? Graphics is at par with PS3 or 360?

I still love the character designs. Still top notch. Just don't like the new ones. The originals are still the best.

Like this weirdo dude with book. So uninspired.

Why so whiny today?

Oh yeah Gigamedia just sold? But that was a month ago...

So who owns it now?

Kinda weird, they just bought it and then after a few months, OK, we don't want you anymore. Business

Intel, Razer, Linksys

Friday, September 7, 2012

So I think I found it. You need to have some kind of inner turmoil so that you can make good songs. Like if you keep making songs over and over, repetitive, the result will be bland.

But if there is anger in you, or sadness, or you want to really say something, then that's when something good comes out.

Like a volume dial. It represents your emotion. If the volume is down, there's not much music to listen to. But if you turn it up, then you can dance, sing and rock your way to good music.

And it has to be genuine. Like if it's contrived, you bought cheap speakers just so that you can amplify your emotion, that's not going to work. You need to have true feelings why you're making a song.

Like how I panned that Mars song. It's like it was made just so that you can hitch a ride with the Outer Space commotion.

That's not how you make songs. I like My Humps because it was about the joy of this ridiculous notion that your body is very powerful. I want more of that.

I know nothing about songwriting and you're the expert!

GE Fantasy World, I'm playing it, and I get enjoyment out of gaining exp cards. It's always fun when you're progressing.

You get the prize, and you're happy, because you got what can be only obtained on a daily basis. And you're thinking, I want more, how can I get more. There's no other way, so you wait until the next day. Which means, close. GE.

The Angel Pistols, they're still clean.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gangnam style

I totally missed it!

First I saw it, I thought, nope, I don't like it.

But thanks to 2NE1's concert, it's 2012!!!

I'm liking it now ^_^

But I don't know how to dance it :)

2NE1!!! Why did you have to go all serious with I Love You, you were perfect with Fire, the swagger, palm tree hair silliness, I want that back, so make I love you 2 but with more silliness, like I don't care if I'm silly, full of joy, I love you!

SO how do you dance gangnam lol need a horse

Oh so maybe it started before the concert

Nobody cares about the new evolution, we just want fun, crazy wacky stuff and deliver it seriously

And make a dance!!!! 

OK Gangnam style is still cool until everyone knows about it and everyone thinks it's not cool anymore because everyone knows about it...

OK there's still time! BEP channel your inner My Humps!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping for no contract phones

So there, the most expensive one is 299.

And then saw the Galaxy Nexus at 385

But here, no contract phone prices are off the charts/through the roof/very high

250 is equal to 649.

649!!!!! OMG that is so expensive. Who in their sane mind would spend that much money, even AT&T or Verizon or Boost or whatever doesn't offer a phone in that price range in their offerings.

If I were to spend 385, that would be equivalent to 150...

Samsung Galaxy S 2 is 170...

That's 450. It's so common here. Turn left, you see one with it. Turn right, and another is using it.

So September 5!

Nokia versus Motorola!

PureView versus Edge!

Who will win? Style or Megapixels?

And then iPhone comes out!

What will it look like? How many megapixels can it shoot? Nokia will beat it?

Well yeah, Nokia 808 already beat all the phones. 41MP lols

It's kinda weird that the processor inside the Motorola Phone is Intel and it will use Android, while the one in the Nokia is ??? and will use Windows.

Intel and Windows, right? Wintel?

What about all of us poor people?? Any budget phones?

Xiaomi, save me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reach for the Stars!

I'm a Black Eyed Peas fan!

But my goodness, when the martians hear this, they will think, what awful taste these humans have.

I don't like it!

Bring back Fergie please and make more My Humps ^_^

Maybe it's just an exercise of technical capability when they boomboxed this on Mars.

I don't like the part where the rapper raps.

What's his name?

Makes me think, is this a decoy mp3 and the real one is still to be released.

Like the lyrics like 2NE1 Can't Nobody

I'm seriously questioning this song. Black Eyed Peas I love you!

Maybe you've made so many songs in the past days, months, years that sometimes making a good song is difficult.

People will parody this?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

So Kindle Fire 2 vs. Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 vs. iPhone 5 vs. iPad Mini vs. Motorola RAZR vs. LG Optimus vs. Sony Xperia vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. so many others

What I noticed is, LG, Motorola and Sony doesn't have 2 or 3. So their phones aren't popular enough. Like if it were Sony Xperia 2, then it would have been memorable, but I'm confused by Xperia Arc, Xperia S...

Hmm Xperia X, that would be cool

I wonder when that phone will come out.

HTC... um I wasn't even thinking of One...
It would be funny if they called it HTC One 1 and then HTC One 2

So I'm still putting up with this bluetooth stereo headset. Still disconnects randomly.

I was thinking, this thing is big enough to hold an MP3.

How about the Nano? Can't they make it small enough and then merge it with a SonyStyle behind the ear headphone? That would be cool. With touchscreen. And then the Shuffle version would be just normal buttons.

I encountered one where it was a radio and behind the ear headphones...

OK, what else is coming...


This Beats equalizer... I kinda don't know what to do with it. Like guessing what settings are great. Hit or miss.

I change one setting, listen intently, and I don't notice a difference lol

Intel... Haswell vs AMD's whatever is next to Trinity

But in smartphone chips,  it was once dual core, now, dual core with quad core graphics, and then quad core processors themselves...

I wonder if dual core is enough for me.

Like, what will I do?

Just snap pictures, or check email...

Or even a single core smartphone...

Nokia, I like the cloud that they're touting, how it makes web browsing cheaper. I don't really know if it's true or if it's a gimmick.

Apple's win, well I don't know what to believe, some say, Samsung will only get stronger.

So what I see is, their new phones, they were changing it, so maybe their pipeline could be safe.

I'm just interested in cheap phones.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I need:
Mobile internet device.

Has to connect fast.
Must be able to allow me to use it without frustrating me.
Must be able to open Excel.
Must have long battery life.

What frustrates me:
Small screen drives me nuts.
Cannot text using touchscreen keypad.

If phone, solution may ideally have slide-out keyboard.

If full touchscreen, screen must be big so that the software keyboard is big too.

iPad 2 with 3G
cons: expensive

Future love:
Windows 8 - can write javascript on this, also C#.

Would be fantastic if you can play Granado Espada on a tablet.

Battery life - 3G or 4G with graphics card running, and then the big screen, drains battery life.

How to be a eunuch:
Cut balls
Eat papaya
Ask for help when you're horny

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So a while ago, I saw my musk reach level 10 attack speed. And then when I change the Assassin Gloves of the other musk, the attack speed of that first one is now 12. WTF? They just nerfed me? So that I will buy wings? Or am I wrong? I remember I was happy reaching level 10 attack speed after using a Birthday Cake. And even in World X PVP, I saw my attack speed become 12 when I just used Acceleration. So what happened??? It's like no matter what you do, they won't make you win. It's stupid. Like no matter what.

Why do I even play this game.

You could get +5 or +6 and it wouldn't matter, they will nerf your damage and you wouldn't have a clue. Your exp rate will be reduced if they so wanted it.

A while ago, I spotted a Pollux in Tetra Catacombs. I thought, yay! I want to kill it. So I approached it. WTF, that Pollux had built-in lag.

This is the stupidest game ever. It's very unfair.

It would be fun if it was fair.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So I went back to Port of Coimbra, and I used Brunie, Rio and Viki, and I went to the Nimrod bridge, and I got Epic Glaziums, and I thought, hmm, I can use this, so I went to Auch and talked to Mia Karjalainen. Ixchanged the glaziums for a Level 100 Lute. And then I was equipping it to Rio and then I saw, oh, I already have one, lol. What am I going to do with two? So I went to Rio and enhanced the lute, and it broke haha as expected. It's like I had a feeling it wouldn't succeed to +5, that it would break. It's like if you need it, if it's something useful to you, the game programmers programmed it to not succeed. So anyway, that's the end of it...

And then I saw Rio. He still doesn't have the Prelude stance. So I searched and found the Book of Mind or something, and it said, I have to finish the Holy Water Chamber quest before I can get the stance. I was like, oh no, I know that quest's difficult for a noob like me. So I tried anyway. I backtracked and went to Ustiur, because that's where my pioneering quest is currently progressing. So I didn't know which RNPC to talk to ^_^ I talked to Grandice, to Romina, but they couldn't help. SO I looked for a guide, still in Book of Mind, and then I talked to a guy who wanted me to collect 120 Dinosaur Claws. So I did that. But man, it was like, hmm, OK, I can do it, but I've already done this before... so after doing that, I felt like, oh, I don't want to play anymore.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Lulu has a 50 Rial tablet

HCL ME U1 tablet

It caught my eye because it has Ice Cream Sandwich.

But then I saw it, it's fat.

And the charger... once something bad happens to it, your gadget is as good as dead.

And then the reviews said that it doesn't have access to Google Play...

Not good.

But it's fluid. I'll give it that.

Tempting... Only 50...

I can't touch my screen, my laptop isn't touchscreen... but it has a mouse

and I can Cut the Rope with it


OK I'm going to search for that game with an alligator and then he's in a bathtub...

Friday, August 3, 2012

So I'm looking at Galaxy S2. Co-worker bought it last year, about October or November?  Or was it December. 270. And now, 170. lols 100 price difference. So if you're looking at the phones now, it excites me to think what will come out in the future that will drive these current, new phones' prices down

What do I see, well, medium term, iPhone 5, after that... iPhone 5s lol so it will have retina, siri, bigger screen, 4g, what else could they possibly think of? They're not going to put water resistance, they want you to break your phone and buy again... so a higher quad core I think...iOS 7 lols I don't even know what iOS 6 is all about...

And the Galaxy S4 lols

Probably retina display with IPS lols so that you can read it under the sun

So, competition: iPhone 5 comes out, Samsung reacts with a Galaxy S3 price cut lols

Oh yeah, higher megapixels... So iPhone 5 is going to have 8 megapixels... so iPhone 5s is also going to have 8? And then the iPhone 6 will have 12 lols all the way to 41 megapixels when it transforms to a Pureview

It's like Apple, Samsung, they don't care about Pureview, I don't seem them putting out something that will compete with that, and it's already been a while since Nokia released that.

What if they came up with super macro, like microscope lols

Super stupid

What is it with these phones that I need? It's like you have them to lose them...

I will use it it show off?

All I need to do is stand up

Well, internet... but omg the experience of searching for something on a phone, I'd rather go to a full computer

So maybe keep the phone a phone and then use a tablet.

Or a phablet.

It doesn't fit in my pocket!!!

So what if it folds so that when you open it up, it has a bigger surface area.

Same footprint as a smartphone, but screen size of a tablet.

Is that doable?

Hmm I just remembered back then, the smallest phone was in, because you could hang it on a lanyard and then walk around and show to all, hey, I'm high tech, I've got the smallest phone

So Galaxy Note and a lanyard ^_^

Come to think of it, I've never seen anyone wear an iphone on their neck. The last time I saw it, I saw...hmm 8210... and then 6210... and then RAZR, and then...N95, it was too big, you couldn't wear it on your neck

And the tassels and cellphone charms, they're gone now too...

I mean, people would love to wear gadgets on them... bluetooth, the Sony Activ ones, sooo... smartphones, how do you wear them...

Data was using a communicator on his wrist... and then everyone in the future tapped on something and then a hologram popped up...

Hmm, even Nintendo, you can't wear the 3DS XL... they did come out with that Nokia sized gameboy, it flopped, they thought everyone would buy it because it's small and you can wear it around your neck...

Um... MotoActiv... yeah, people like to wear their gadgets... and that Sony Ericsson one that's a watch that notifies you if there's a text lol... Or the Nano that turns into a watch..

OMG why can't we be like YuGiOh, we have oversized holders for cards

I guess it's just not possible, when you cut the screen into two and fold it, and then open it, it will have a line in the middle...

I wonder how the military is doing it... they have pouches on their shoulders, or like a big pocket on their chest

We need cargo pants again ^_^

Or wait, I've got it!!! A long, slender touchscreen phone that's landscape mode, you can wear it on your wrist...@_@

Oh, I come back to my previous idea... it's concealed, and you just press on it through fabric...

I miss my mini radio

What about gun holster... would look weird because the phone isn't the shape of a gun, it's flat....

How about that iPhone on an armband

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hmm so GE is churning out a lot of new characters at fast pace. I'm not used to it. Before, it was like, Asoka in 6 months spaced between Lionel Richie lol

So anyway, I'm not seeing the new weapons...

Where are they?

Hmm I tried playing tit again but when I saw the experience bar of my stance, I'm like, omg, this is going to take forever, I don't want to play anymore. Even when I log in, I look at the exp card I'll get for the day, it's like the lowest training card... how motivating is that?

Plus, I need a decent Lute lol, Rio is still using a level 80 lute...

I looked at the Market Manager and I didn't see any Carmelians of Delights

Such a ...weird name

Like you cut all the word in the dictionary, mix them and pic two words, that's it, that's the weapons name! Sounds like an ice cream

So yeah ... GE... just making a post just for the sake of making a post.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm waiting for stronger weapons...

I think after I lost most of my cash, I didn't like to play this game anymore...

Brunie, Rio and Viki doesn't compare with Dual Musks and Scout lol...

But I still think of this game!!! Why!!!!

I tried to go back but it wasn't as fun anymore...

It's like I grind, but I'm like, meh... what's the point...

I tried playing the other characters but they don't excite me

So they said is it really the end? yeah, I think...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My title page contents
Hmm so I signed up for webmaster and they told me to paste this here...

but how exactly do I upload it?

google-site-verification: googled7132abc874e00df.html

Obviously, I have to choose another method lols
will it work???

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2ne1 I love you

So 2ne1 came back. ANd my goodness, no dance moves!!! They're boring. F(x) copied them and now the copycats are more entertaining. What the heck was 2ne1 thinking!! I think it's the fault of who controls them... No, what you did is not cool, watching the I love you video is like nothing special. I'm blaming this YG guy. As I said before, they need to hire back their old stylists.

DO I need to point out what's wrong?

No, the clothes are unwearable. And they're not fun :( What the heck, animal print vests, I don't see that in my wardrobe, not everyone has that, no one will parody your video, the fans will not be dancing to this, they won't make DeviantArt of their new clothes, it's horrific!!!

And they look old!!!!! WTF!!!!

Absolutely nothing fun about the new 2ne1

I mean I know it sucks that everyone copied your style

and I think the strategy was do this style and then hope everyone copies it, but NOOOOO it's ugly

Sorry, I have no solution for the copycats

Monday, May 28, 2012

Southeast Asia: GigaMedia is in the process of disposing of its subsidiary IAHGames. IAHGames first-quarter 2012 revenues were flat quarter-over-quarter at $1.6 million; net loss was $1.4 million.


Dispose? How do you dispose? Throw it in the garbage can? Like throw it away? Or sell it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I created three masters, it's the same, musk, musk, scout, because I thought, how the heck will I level up the stance if they kill so slow

Anyway, which characters are fun to play with?

I hate melee because they run away... but now, if they become master, will I play with them??? I am still staying away from melee instinctively, why

Fighters don't seem interesting... I played with Peltast, and it was like, lols boring

Maybe I should try elementalists

Ok that's what I will do, I will try as much characters as I can...hmmm

Monday, May 7, 2012

So Gree

The system charges players about 300 yen apiece for virtualitems that can be collected and converted into a rare item oncea certain combination is obtained. The sales method may violatethe law through unjustifiable premiums and misleadingrepresentations, according to the Yomiuri report. 

Gree led declines among Japanese social game-related companies after the nation’s Consumer Affairs Agency said it’s considering whether a sales method called “complete gacha” violates the law.

It's painful I still think of this game

I loved it

2ne1, where are their wearable clothes
There was a time I was thinking oh their star is waning, all the other groups are getting the endorsements

And then Intel

They're back ^_^

Friday, April 27, 2012

So Ultrabooks... I don't like it because it's expensive

Granado ... well I was stupid to give the password to the owner without protecting what's inside...was too trusting

Happy that I'm released from Granado

But there are days when I want to play!

It has given me a jolt to focus on more important things: life

2NE1, well, I hate more and more what they're churning out and the teasers for the english songs, it's like it's taking so long and by the time it's released, I'll probably be like, it's too late

Bring back their old stylists!

Give us more dancing...

A victim of their own success

What else do I see in the future


Well sure 2ne1 will be interesting when they come out again.. I wish they treated themselves as new and have to prove something just like when they first came out

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

IP e-games and Lorenza

So I read in the forums that Ip e-games is joining Level Up.

I wonder what Level Up will do... they now have the power to decide
And then, I also saw this, about Lorenza leaving


ranado Espada Community Manager Lorenza to Leave IAHGames Next Month
– January 27, 2012Posted in: Granado Espada

lorenza e1327665560460 Granado Espada Community Manager Lorenza to Leave IAHGames Next Month

Those who read this site in the early days would know I balanced my occasional writings with being a Super Moderator on two IAHGames Forums – Granado Espada and Dragonica, two games which I still admit are fantastic and well supported by the company. When Hrin left to follow other prospects about two and a half years ago, Lorenza took over the reins as Community Manager for Granado Espada. Lorenza, also referred to as Lorsie (and seemingly to her disdain) Lorenzoo and was the perfect example of a tyrannical staff member who instilled a sense of fear into everyone she talked to – whipping both each the Moderators, Community Crew and normal users into shape with her Iron Rifle….

Actually, the last sentence was a lie. While I dropped out of being a Moderator for the most part in early 2011, I really did enjoy working with Lorenza and I think her and the other IAH Games team members did a good job in keeping events running and all the other stuff she had to do in her role. While it will be sad to see her go, we now have Gragon as our new Community Manager who I haven’t had a chance to really talk to yet, but we will have to see if he can meet or improve upon the standards already set by the previous two.

After knowing Lorenza for five years now, I wish her all the best in her future and hope she will still return to our community as a gamer!


Friday, January 6, 2012

A Successful hack

I saw +10 Le Noir (Gay) 3S.