Friday, April 27, 2012

So Ultrabooks... I don't like it because it's expensive

Granado ... well I was stupid to give the password to the owner without protecting what's inside...was too trusting

Happy that I'm released from Granado

But there are days when I want to play!

It has given me a jolt to focus on more important things: life

2NE1, well, I hate more and more what they're churning out and the teasers for the english songs, it's like it's taking so long and by the time it's released, I'll probably be like, it's too late

Bring back their old stylists!

Give us more dancing...

A victim of their own success

What else do I see in the future


Well sure 2ne1 will be interesting when they come out again.. I wish they treated themselves as new and have to prove something just like when they first came out