Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's like getting an insider peek at IAH

From what I remember of what I read, the Singapore online gaming industry isn't going to boom soon.

There's obviously discord happenning in Granado Espada. If things were ok, then there wouldn't have been a server merge.

I have also read that TATA Systems are now being used in Granado Espada's servers, as well as for the FIFA game. I don't really know what that means, and I even research about it, and the wikipedia article gave me a clue that it has something to do about getting things organized in a database, so that there's an increase in speed, and everything's faster. But it's still vague to me, what TATA Systems means. Maybe TATA, as in goodbye...

What's noticeably missing is there aren't much opposition to the server merge as I would have expected it. Or maybe I haven't been reading the forum enough.

I wish this server merge would have happened before, when I was selling game value cards, so that my online broadcasts would have been read by more people.

But then, maybe, the amount of people in Carracci back then would be the same amount of people now in the new server with Pachelbel. Who knows? It's all just speculation.

What's the new name of the server? Is it Rembrandt?

A lot of the info I get when I search for Granado Espada server merge is about the Sword of the New World one.

Today, I saw what I was looking for, but I found it in the bargain bin. It was Sword of the New World's box game. It's $4.99, and that's really the price. It's in the bargain bin even though that that's what it originally costs. Feedback I got when I told someone I found the game I was looking for: no feedback. That means he must have been withholding a possibly hurtful opinion from me. The next thing that happened was we talked about World of Warcraft. It looks interesting, but I still like the polygon designs in Granado Espada.

And then we looked at Spore. The graphics aren't in my liking.

I only play the game if I like the graphics. And if the controls aren't clunky.

end of journal entry.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Server Merge

Server merge happened in Sword of the New World...
And now, server merge is happening in Granado Espada supposedly because the version 2.9 is coming out.
I don't think that's the real reason. I think it's just a cost cutting measure. There are fewer players, and the servers were running at 6%-31%.
I guess 6% is at off peak hours, and 31% is at peak hours.

Looking at Sword of the New World, their operations still continued even after the server merge.

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's just a ploy to keep players playing

Free AT passes and FT passes, I feel like it's just a ploy to keep players playing and to get inactive players to log-in again to get the free stuff.

I don't really want an AT or FT pass. I play wherever I want to play, not in some crowded place where it's not fun to play in because it's always so hectic in there, always have to press the keyboard or else my characters will die.

And the way that servers have problems often, it's unheard of. This is the age of the internet, where downtime means penalty to the provider who doesn't deliver. The only reason I can think of why the servers are off often is because maybe the savings are really high if the servers are down. Players get wasted premium items, so they spend more than they would have if their premium items were not wasted, and then the servers are off, which means the electricity bill won't be as high. Maybe internet bandwidth is expensive too. One day of no service means big savings.

There must be a threshold that indicates when the servers will be shut down. I imagine it to be about the income. If it reaches a low level, then servers get shut off. And the way that this happens periodically, it must be timed so that players don't notice that it's habitual. Old players have left already, thus the new players would be less wary and believe that the cause of the downtime truly is an accident.

I've been wanting to play again but the server problems reminded me why I shouldn't go back. They are in control of everything. It'll be just a waste of my effort because the Granado Espada world is under their control. Just like how they can control how many top loot the Adelina's Booty Search can give. They control how often the good items will drop in the game. If you constantly pick up all the items from the monsters, you'll get lame stuff, even after hours of playing. But just leave the computer to go to the bathroom, and that's when the good item drops.

It's bullshit. I hate saying that, but that's what it is. Deceitful.

If I ever play again, it's not because I want my characters to be stronger, it would be because I enjoy playing the game.

I think what they learned from the Adelina's Booty Search is giving more of the top loot doesn't make players spend more real money to buy G-Points. Because once you get a top loot, you can just sell it to get vis, as opposed to buying G-Points to buy premium items to sell for vis. So maybe that's why Elite 84 armors were put in ABS.

I'm not expecting Le Blancs to go back nor the top loot to get better. They'll probably put more things in there to make you keep playing.

Saw a lot of asian tourists in downtown the other day. They looked like maybe Singaporean or maybe Japanese or Malaysian. Or maybe Chinese, or from Hong Kong...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stumbled upon

It has some funky looking brain

and then a wiki

oh my goodness, it recommends getting your armor and weapons to +7 and then chipping it with +3 AR or DR.

Forget it.

Also, stumbled upon


hmm...rushed website (so that's why the wiki had doubles)...

Hmm, it also explains what happened during the dupe ad-hoc maintenance.
from here

...What bothered me is, those relevant parties that were supposed to stay back with us to help with the testing were already gone by 9pm...But on a happier note, I recieved a PM in the forum from one of the gamers cheering our team up. It was really pleasant to know that there are gamers who understand. Sigh, too bad they are the minority.

Nice pictures in their blogs

surprising that ohpuhlease doesn't have much granado in it. Split.