Monday, May 28, 2012

Southeast Asia: GigaMedia is in the process of disposing of its subsidiary IAHGames. IAHGames first-quarter 2012 revenues were flat quarter-over-quarter at $1.6 million; net loss was $1.4 million.


Dispose? How do you dispose? Throw it in the garbage can? Like throw it away? Or sell it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I created three masters, it's the same, musk, musk, scout, because I thought, how the heck will I level up the stance if they kill so slow

Anyway, which characters are fun to play with?

I hate melee because they run away... but now, if they become master, will I play with them??? I am still staying away from melee instinctively, why

Fighters don't seem interesting... I played with Peltast, and it was like, lols boring

Maybe I should try elementalists

Ok that's what I will do, I will try as much characters as I can...hmmm

Monday, May 7, 2012

So Gree

The system charges players about 300 yen apiece for virtualitems that can be collected and converted into a rare item oncea certain combination is obtained. The sales method may violatethe law through unjustifiable premiums and misleadingrepresentations, according to the Yomiuri report. 

Gree led declines among Japanese social game-related companies after the nation’s Consumer Affairs Agency said it’s considering whether a sales method called “complete gacha” violates the law.

It's painful I still think of this game

I loved it

2ne1, where are their wearable clothes
There was a time I was thinking oh their star is waning, all the other groups are getting the endorsements

And then Intel

They're back ^_^