Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Got an email, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 now 170, and they're throwing in a free 16GB microSD card and a smart cover...

Plus free 1 GB for three months internet...

Hmm, not really attractive.

Apple, waiting for their new phone. I will just wait in Apple's website instead of reading it first in the news.

GE Land, if you only have 1 laptop, it's so hard to level up your character. So buy another computer?

I don't what's happening there right now.

Still play, but it's like, just finish the daily quests for the exp card, the family reputation cards, that's it.

Angel Pistols still at 45m vis.

Price is stable, like it's not dropping.

Chipping it is difficult.
Used about 50 and still, it sucked.

And then you see these overpriced items.

I'm like, eh, I'll play with real life.

Seriously regretting making a team with Brunie, Rio and Viki. I don't use them anymore. Inferior to two musks and scout. At least, now I know.

Rio, I can't even get the expert stance. I'm not hardcore!

Brunie, she's OK, she can kill monsters a lot.

But the three of them combined, they die easily. They only have 40 HP?

This game feels different from when it was fun a year ago or two years ago.

Maybe I finally have gotten tired of it? Like don't care to grind anymore.

And then no one doing the JB and Team Arena as much as before...

Conclusion is, if you wait, all of these expensive items will become dirt cheap a year from now or two years from now.

But it already mentions the end.

Other online games, how do they compare? Graphics is at par with PS3 or 360?

I still love the character designs. Still top notch. Just don't like the new ones. The originals are still the best.

Like this weirdo dude with book. So uninspired.

Why so whiny today?

Oh yeah Gigamedia just sold? But that was a month ago...

So who owns it now?

Kinda weird, they just bought it and then after a few months, OK, we don't want you anymore. Business

Intel, Razer, Linksys

Friday, September 7, 2012

So I think I found it. You need to have some kind of inner turmoil so that you can make good songs. Like if you keep making songs over and over, repetitive, the result will be bland.

But if there is anger in you, or sadness, or you want to really say something, then that's when something good comes out.

Like a volume dial. It represents your emotion. If the volume is down, there's not much music to listen to. But if you turn it up, then you can dance, sing and rock your way to good music.

And it has to be genuine. Like if it's contrived, you bought cheap speakers just so that you can amplify your emotion, that's not going to work. You need to have true feelings why you're making a song.

Like how I panned that Mars song. It's like it was made just so that you can hitch a ride with the Outer Space commotion.

That's not how you make songs. I like My Humps because it was about the joy of this ridiculous notion that your body is very powerful. I want more of that.

I know nothing about songwriting and you're the expert!

GE Fantasy World, I'm playing it, and I get enjoyment out of gaining exp cards. It's always fun when you're progressing.

You get the prize, and you're happy, because you got what can be only obtained on a daily basis. And you're thinking, I want more, how can I get more. There's no other way, so you wait until the next day. Which means, close. GE.

The Angel Pistols, they're still clean.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Gangnam style

I totally missed it!

First I saw it, I thought, nope, I don't like it.

But thanks to 2NE1's concert, it's 2012!!!

I'm liking it now ^_^

But I don't know how to dance it :)

2NE1!!! Why did you have to go all serious with I Love You, you were perfect with Fire, the swagger, palm tree hair silliness, I want that back, so make I love you 2 but with more silliness, like I don't care if I'm silly, full of joy, I love you!

SO how do you dance gangnam lol need a horse

Oh so maybe it started before the concert

Nobody cares about the new evolution, we just want fun, crazy wacky stuff and deliver it seriously

And make a dance!!!! 

OK Gangnam style is still cool until everyone knows about it and everyone thinks it's not cool anymore because everyone knows about it...

OK there's still time! BEP channel your inner My Humps!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping for no contract phones

So there, the most expensive one is 299.

And then saw the Galaxy Nexus at 385

But here, no contract phone prices are off the charts/through the roof/very high

250 is equal to 649.

649!!!!! OMG that is so expensive. Who in their sane mind would spend that much money, even AT&T or Verizon or Boost or whatever doesn't offer a phone in that price range in their offerings.

If I were to spend 385, that would be equivalent to 150...

Samsung Galaxy S 2 is 170...

That's 450. It's so common here. Turn left, you see one with it. Turn right, and another is using it.

So September 5!

Nokia versus Motorola!

PureView versus Edge!

Who will win? Style or Megapixels?

And then iPhone comes out!

What will it look like? How many megapixels can it shoot? Nokia will beat it?

Well yeah, Nokia 808 already beat all the phones. 41MP lols

It's kinda weird that the processor inside the Motorola Phone is Intel and it will use Android, while the one in the Nokia is ??? and will use Windows.

Intel and Windows, right? Wintel?

What about all of us poor people?? Any budget phones?

Xiaomi, save me!