Friday, September 7, 2012

So I think I found it. You need to have some kind of inner turmoil so that you can make good songs. Like if you keep making songs over and over, repetitive, the result will be bland.

But if there is anger in you, or sadness, or you want to really say something, then that's when something good comes out.

Like a volume dial. It represents your emotion. If the volume is down, there's not much music to listen to. But if you turn it up, then you can dance, sing and rock your way to good music.

And it has to be genuine. Like if it's contrived, you bought cheap speakers just so that you can amplify your emotion, that's not going to work. You need to have true feelings why you're making a song.

Like how I panned that Mars song. It's like it was made just so that you can hitch a ride with the Outer Space commotion.

That's not how you make songs. I like My Humps because it was about the joy of this ridiculous notion that your body is very powerful. I want more of that.

I know nothing about songwriting and you're the expert!

GE Fantasy World, I'm playing it, and I get enjoyment out of gaining exp cards. It's always fun when you're progressing.

You get the prize, and you're happy, because you got what can be only obtained on a daily basis. And you're thinking, I want more, how can I get more. There's no other way, so you wait until the next day. Which means, close. GE.

The Angel Pistols, they're still clean.

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