Monday, December 27, 2010

long time no post

wow, i forgot about this but just remembered about it now

brings back happy memories :)

good news is the droid account has it's trade lock number reset now :)

But, I have been playing in Bach, to be with friends Mortreux_1 and Fetuccini :)

But I haven't been playing as much as I want to! Blame work.

Castila - wow nice place to play again :)

In other news, I love the Black Eyed Peas but I kinda don't like their new album.. why do I have to point that out...I still love them!

Android... well, the premise was it was supposed to be cheap because the OS is free... but why are the phones expensive!!

Oh well, I know why. Maybe I shouldn't proclaim it as something I want...

Other things I see will strike gold... nothing so far

2NE1, um they are dying down... what happened?? They were one of my watched... I still watch them but I don't like the new things I see from them, except Can't Nobody. I even learned the dance moves for that!

So, the future of phones is tablets :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's like a new game, I can't find where to send a message, now that i actually will use it

everything is moved, i can't find anything anymore, i need to relearn everything

but i'm getting used to it now

i'm still using pioneer level 1 lol

as for the growth stones, i didn't feel hurt, more like annoyed, they created the bug and now it keeps saying wrong password..

My motivation is to enjoy the game ^_^

so I made a new account.

The growth stones are still there, i just can't use it now. No need to fret.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I met new friends ^_^ from PK server ^_^ From VRadical ^_^

Dry cough needs to be dispelled, really ridiculous. I need listerine!

Hehe omg I cannot say too much. Small world. It was fun ^_^

In the meantime, what will I do with all these growth stones...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Windows Phone 7

So i just read in facebook that Cherry Mobile has something about XBOX 360' and Windows software. Could they be possibly having Phone 7's?

Well... I don't know. That's surprising. They get their phones from China. And I haven't seen phones from China that have Phone 7.

Maybe it's something for the future. Or for Christmas.

I need a new phone because my samsung only keeps 40 inbox messages lol

In GE land, I'm stuck with all my growth stones. Bought some at too expensive prices, 75 per box, and now I should learn when to buy and when to sell. The ideal time to sell was when it peaked at 7m. Reason I failed was I was too greedy. Solution is to wait, or sell, or there is no solution.

I wonder if there will be a new promotion scroll for Renaissance. After that, it's the end. Time to enjoy GE while it's still a current game.

Friday, October 15, 2010


why is it that when i want to play, it's maintenance.

anyway, i think I can afk in the underground now, but exp is 1 percent each

super tired of leveling up the expert stance, it's not fun

tired of pressing buttons

tired of selling

i need a refreshment.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dried Lava

So I went to a lava wall and it was fun ^_^

I was close to the crater, to throw myself in, but it's too far... I really need to give up the thought of sacrificing myself to stop a volcano lol

In GE land, logged in today and started selling again. No one buys hehe

Monday, October 4, 2010


Love, I need to find it before I'm wrinkly.

So, exploit my cute looks lol ^_^

It's really ridiculous, this statement makes me so conceited.

But I've never been!

Pretty damning stuff I'm saying.

some places, people are attracted to me, some places, I'm just ordinary.

I'm in love with everybody.

Maybe I'll be single. Single ain't so bad.

So better to stay in America or the Philippines?

Distant cousin is in Singapore, I imagine he likes the attention there.

I want to go to Singapore too.

I'm heartbroken by America. I'll apply again.

Canada, I could go there. To see what it' like. I need to make concrete plans.

Philippines ain't that bad. People come here to visit, so I'll explore my country too ^_^

I just want to see places.

In other news, no guidance for BEP.

If I find music I like, I'll tell.

Remission today, I played GE. It was fun ^_^

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Would I be a nokia fan

if they had android? Maybe...their phones have dropped prices...they still retain their brand value here, I think...

What is it with android, why do I like it...
Google Voice stopped letting international texts, so why do I still like it...
Maybe my love for android is wrong because what the heck will I do with it, can't even international text...

And Google seems only focused on the American market...

I just like the apps that search for new rars for music

I hate how you need itunes to transfer songs in apple.
I just want it to be like a usb.

So maybe when meego is released, and then they see it as a flop, that's when they start android... or maybe they are secretly doing R&D with it now...

Well, gingerbread, I am anticipating it... everyone with 2.2 will want to change phones once gingerbread is out, I suppose.

I passed

I am now a renal nurse lol now I can give myself a treat ^_^

I want a psp :D



Such an achievement, I did it while playing GE :)

I want to thank God, my sponsors, BBraun Las Pinas, Granado Espada, Yehey, auction.ph, MTV-Asia, Samsung and Motorola lol dahil sa mga prizes nila, nakapagnursing ako

In other news, I really regret not buying that iPhone, could have gotten 2k tax free, clean, and would have cemented my relationship with codename chowking

Now, the opportunity is the iMac, so let me plug it here:

For sale
Apple iMac 21.5inches 2009 model for sale. P99,000 negotiable
proc: 3.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 4MB level 3 cache

mem: 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

Lol I found ripclaw's iphone for sale in tcp :)

I really need to up the standard of my blog posts... searching for a new place to blog... this pink doesn't really suit me anymore.

Also, I need to eat! And exercise! Need to fight the aging process.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I can't sleep

need to have 8 hours of sleep. I took a nap a while ago.

Hmm, need to wake up at 3am.

getting older and older

Maybe I can play TA

try and get 6m

and then sleep

I want to reach out to someone but I'm shy

I have visitors

from the side, i can see who's stopped by to visit, but it's only the countries. I want them to message me so that I can have international friends :)

I saw the scammer again but this time, with a new name

xLejarentsx is the name, selling ghost nucleus for 6m. I want to remove him. I want him out of the game.

The bus hostage taker, maybe he has a mental illness...

Raining today, the tears of all the people who are sad, pouring forth from the sky, crying.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spanish words i learned today

comprar - buy
tienes - have
no tengo - don't have

So Gabristen wanted to buy mp, I thought he was selling MP for 1m :)

I know vender, it's sell

I like how some spanish words are borrowed in english

Spam the editor

there's an invitation in the iahgames website to be a writer :)

I like writing what's on my mind. what i write tend to be selfish, only created to serve my own purpose, hoping that someone would read it, so that they would understand my actions..everyone wants juicy gossip or insider information

let me fantasize to be a writer:
it's going to be hard, because I have to write something that appeals to people in general, i can't be selfish anymore and only say what i feel like saying, have to be careful, can't just blurt out what i truly feel, even the ones I should be shielding away from people

I did see Kick Ass, and I liked it :) Salt too, that was fun. I want to be a secret agent!

wow, a flight of ideas... my attention span is getting worse. Impulsive too, can't control my impulse, I do what I want...not good

Hmm, so I want to go to the lower levels, but why do I want to stay in Auch. I want to sell my items. That's why. It brings me happiness ^_^

i know now

howto have fun in granado espada ^_^

go back to the low levels

those places are fun :)

off i go, i don't care about about anything anymore, just fun :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I wonder how long I can keep this wealth

As i am susceptible to do stupid things, I foresee that all it takes is one, stupid, impulsive mood from me and all my fortunes will be reversed.

So xLordoftheRingsx messaged me, he said something like, the boastful person was scammed, he deserves it... I don't know what the translation of buti nga is in english

so I said, who?

My mind is still on Pentium III and it's slow and then I realized, maybe he was pertaining to me, lol, maybe he thinks I am boastful

I am tired of putting myself down, I know how to be humble, and I'm tired of it. I just want to be midline. Not humble, not boastful. I don't want to be boastful, but what am I supposed to do, this is how much gstones I have. Cabrons asked how I got so many, so I said, I just bought them.

As simple as that. I didn't buy uber expensive aquas or dr3 armors or constellation weapons, I chose instead to amass a large amount of gstones. I don't even know if that's plenty, maybe there are other people who have more and they are just quiet. Besides, we have the same amount of vis, or maybe they have more, but theirs is in the form of weapons, and mine is just liquid.

And besides, the management controls the game, they can introduce some game-changing promo, like when they put dhr in abs or the elite 92 recipes there...they could put gstones too and then if they do that, I'm going to lose a lot of vis

There, that is how you can hurt me. Drop the price of gstones and I'm going to cry.
Or maybe not. I don't care about the game anymore.

Selling in Auch is a curse, because I want to go out and explore and play, but I can't because I'm vending in Auch. And then when I do go out in the maps, I feel that I should go back to auch and sell there. I don't want selling in Market Manager because I'm always undercut.

I don't really care anymore about getting constellations or whatever weapons or armors, it's a curse, I will spend so many chips and vis and I'm only going to end up with zero.

I don't want to play with other characters like Hellena, Calyce or Ania, they're all inferior to musks

I don't want to play in SCR and fight the Vespanolas in a squad anymore, I did that. I stayed awake overnight and just kept pressing Outrage Shot and it wasn't fun. My body ached, I didn't sleep properly, I grew older just because of that experience. It's horrible.

And I don't want to level higher than Master 125 because the Bounty Hunter quest can only let in up to 125.

I'm tired of leveling up Enhanced Tactics, it's so slow to level up.

I want the game to be fun again! I want to level up fast, I want to pick up a lot of items, I want to feel the thrill and excitement again.

The 100% exp boost is just a bargaining tool. When players leave, in comes the 100% to bring them back.

This game is 3 years old already and it's 2010 now. But in term so graphics, I still love the graphics ^_^


I don't know, it doesn't feel like a game anymore, I open it, and then, I don't know what to do. I check Market Manager. I go to culverts. But I've already played in there. I'm tired of that place. It's not like other games, where I could do something enjoyable, concrete examples would be like in Plants vs Zombies, I could start killing the zombies, and it's fun because it's a strategy...or like Natalie Brooks and it's a puzzle and I get to search for things, or Mafia Wars where I get to click and click and click... or ...

I'm craving for Wizardry again...

I could go to battle arena, but I'm going to end up dead. Maybe I should try and get Claire. But what'sthe point, I don't want to create another character in my barracks.

I just want to have fun.

I remember when I was playing before an it was really fun, the low levels, leveling up was fun...

I could play with other characters, but then I can't afk with them.

All the quests are not enticing

I could try catherine torsche, but who cares, another character to mindlessly level up

Even arsene is a chore

I want to have fun with this game again

So I've tried helping my

friend sell his iphone, but I am not getting any buyers anymore.

had a buyer, but then the seller backed out, and then, he wants me to sell it again, but no one wants it now...

timing is everything.

Solution is, find a new buyer.

I don't know. Even if I sell it for 22k, i don't know if anyone will buy it.

What's wrong...
Solution: let me post a new ad

It's really frustrating, because I'm going out of my way to help him but he's not really helping himself, would not even give details of the phone, even after repeated askings, laziness or he just depends on me to sell it, waiting for me to find another buyer, as I had so easily found one...

Ahh... stress...

Solution: sugar rush, music rush, high rush, pain rush

I heard an mp3 I really like :)

™Sniper™ scammed me ghost nucleus

™Sniper™ scammed me ghost nucleus. I thought it was growth stones.
So I'll just sell it for how much I bought it, which is 6m.

I have 262 growth stones, and I want to sell them, but I get an error when I open a shop.
So I'll just sell 77 right now... just a random number...
I don't know the reason why Granado Espada crashes. I suspect it has something to do with xtrap. I'm tired of speculating.

Haha I was scammed

I bought 15 gstones for 90 m, but it turned out to be ghost nucleus. It's from this tmsnipertm family.

Haha I'm so stupid sometimes :)

My human side making an error. I wish to be a machine, all 1's and zeroes

To be AI with a good sense of taste :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

error message when I open a shop

I get an error message when I open a shop

I tried selling soul crystals, karja boxes, gstones and black oxides and I get an error message when I open the shop

Why do they have to control even this aspect

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

form factors

so nintendo came up with the ds, and then apple kinda copied it with the iphone, and then the the ipod had the ipod nano, and then ipod in colors, and then razr copied it with razr in pink, and then i'm confusd now....

what i'm trying to say is, maybe they can come up with something like the iphone nano

mayb the next form factor is a small touch screen... haha how would that work...

would be cute, though

or, just like laptops had netbooks, maybe droids would have a netbook-like version

maybe the next form factor would be full bleed.

I've never seen a device with a full-bleed screen.

or, crazy, a clamshell touch screen. It would be huge. I remember seeing on TV, a rare moment, it was video footage in japan, such a rarity, because you seldom see what it's like in other countries, it's always the studio, so this video showed current people, with what they have, and they were striking, with trendy clothes, but it was everyday, it wasn't a special day, and then, I saw, they had huge, clamshell, rectangle phones, it was fantastic ^_^ small hands, ginormous phones.It's like, the message was, I'm high tech because I use a really big device that's capabl of doing plenty of stuff...kinda like the droids now, they have huge screens, just like how I wanted it before, the bigger the screen, the better

i hate how the psp go has a smaller screen, it's such a step backwards

i really regret keeping my mouth shut about how i hated moto's OS, i loved moto, so I couldn't speak ill-will about them, but I had a suggestion before, but I didn't say it, I wanted to tell them, right after they released the rokr, they had to leapfrog in terms of OS, because the ipod was out already before the rokr came out but the rokr's OS was still circa 1998..

so anyway, good thing they have android now.

also glad that samsung has android. they are really good at copying and following things and even creating something better of what they copied. i love that part but i wish they would create something that they would trendset for themselves.

I do love their dual sims, i just learned that they started it, and then china copied it.

so let me imagine a futuristic device...it's hard for me to imagine it being like a tablet and then touchscreen and then looking like an iphone...maybe a full screen, no borders gadget...

I still love moving parts, they still look cool, because they hide something and then you reveal it and they that's when the wow factor comes in. So how could I slide a touchscreen? well, it's already sliding when you open it...

yeah, a nano touchscreen would be nice

oh, i almost forgot. I loved the 7610, it was like, super class, asymmetric, sleek, except it was fat, if they made it super thin, wow, that would be cool, with nice materials, it's like they forgot they can make keypads like that and they made boring/functioning keypads. it's like the razr came out and then when the razr gav up th ultra cool keypad design for something more straightforward, everyone copied it....well, lg started it actually, cause everyone was making wacky keypads but lg did boring and clearly laid out keypads, so i thought maybe that was really functional so maybe that's why everyone is making rationally designed keypads....lol redundant, i can't think of another word

i just read that samsung endorsed article in gsm arena so i was writing this because i've got a lot of accumulated thoughts... i just hate it when I reveal my ideas and then someone else benefits from it and i'm still the same

so what it sems to be is they're stuck at what else they can to to one-up the iphone...or the galaxy, for that matter, or whatever thir latest and greatest samsung is...

it's simple, i can just blurt it out, but of course, i know there's a lot of engineering that's going to be done, it's not like i can ask for it and then it's going to be done, it's going to be difficult. what i see is, double the processor to 2 ghz, and then a psp phone, like duh, i've been waiting for it since the iphone. nothing else can upstage the iphone like the psp gaining 3G.
I'm even going to say that even though I love slimness, I love the razr, but if you're going to make the phone fat because of the battery, then do it. Make it 15mm if it's going to be because of the battery.

what else...

I need a rebel phone that will give me short-range sms so that if I find someone cute, I can just message. Nintendo's Pictochat needs reviving, I can draw like really xxx pics lol bluejacking isn't really happening.

There, se, I just thought of a new sms. instead of text, your sms can be in pictures, kinda like a fax of a picture you drew on the touch screen

If sony won't give sony-ericsson the psp, then nintendo, can you come to the rescue? you've had that mini gameboy that was the same size as the 6610, but flopped, so now, you have the ds3d, and then apple is competing with you in games, and i know nintendo is for kids, so you don't want them having a cellphone, but what can you do to make a nintendo phone? you're in talks with nokia now but nokia sucks, they don't want android

samsung and a game phone...well, they have cash...look at facebook, they suddenly had a lot of games...


so i used to dismiss the galaxy s because it just looked like it's nothing special, just another response to the iphone

well, the next one, i want them to make it look special

all the samsung phones confuse me, they are all forgettable, yet good

nothing distinguishes them, nothing sets them apart, and then in a few months time, a new one comes along

why can't they create something exciting, like the razr, the iphone, the droid, something that would be samsung...the name samsung isn't really exciting...still feels korean... like sam and then past tense of sing...the word has no meaning to me

i can't be a fan of something i'm not excited about

how can i love samsung, i dunno... corby, well, a funny name, i wonder where they got that name...

why can't they name it something high tech... even htc has a more high tech sounding name

i want droids, i want robots, i want alias, i want matrix

get rid of the name... maybe if they rebranded it. let me imagine it. a samsung phone, but it's named something like ssx or something lol

even the logo is swishy

i've seen people put nokia or coke or benz on their stuff because it looks cool, but not samsung

and bada, what the heck is bada, why did they name it that way? bad... i don't care about the explanation, i'm stupid like the masses and bada just doesn't sound good

and then, motoblur, what the heck is motoblur, what kind of a name is that, i know maybe it's supposed to say that everything's fast and everything's a blur, but like, when I'm confused, I'm blurred...they would have been better taking the hellomoto word and launched motoblur as hellomoto, that would have been cool, at least it now means something

look at lg, lg's name is odd, it's like i would dismiss it at a moment's notice, a forgettable brand, but they changed it to something endearing, into life's good, and then they used chocolate, omg, that's such a good name, and they used cookie, that was a small, cute, funny name

like android with the codenames, it's funny, it's something unexpected, I found it nice that there's donut, eclair, froyo, such fun names :)

and then, omnia, galaxy, oooh it evokes vastness, big... but i can't relate to it...i'd rather have something cute and fun like cookie :)

blackjack was nice though...kinda unexpected, gives a mature feeling, plus it's bj lol feeds the subconscious

xperia, there, see, a cool sounding name...

i haven't encountered that much samsung fans

there are moto fans, nokia fans, apple fans...samsung ugh

i want to be a samsung fan

their products are so cutting edge but the name is so year 2000


so mtvasia had the blogs, and then samsung had uberme, they were in the right track, with the facebook kind of thinking, but then facebook comes later, even after myspace, and they did it...

and now they're looking for people who know about these kinds of things

or maybe i am just imagining things

what else do I see in the future

single player

I'm thinking of what i can do on my own in granado espada. what games i can play without the need for other players

the bahia island coliseum maybe

what else

can't think of any right now

so i tried the coliseum and the king of greed killed me

not fun

what else can i play

i could try leveling up lowbies

or break rings...

what else could i do that is fun


ooh ooh will.i.am really has good taste hehehe he's working with 2ne1

hmm I want to feed them with more of my song favorites

I like fire burning, sexy bitch, iio rapture, ladidada you're so sexy sexy sexy, i need your love i need no hesitation, no no no, higher baby higher, no no no no no

haha i wonder if they will get wind of this feed

in other news, more of android

i don't know, i feel like there's someone who's telling the bep what i like, and it's not them who know me directly

dipdive, i don't know exactly what he was thinking

my delusion is getting big!!

my humps, i still love it :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I hate facebook

it doesn't do what I want it to do.

It doesn't let me create blogs... only notes

when I click, x, it doesn't close, I hate it

too noisy, from useless posts from everyone.

people adding me but i don't really want to add them, but if I don't, they might get offended

But some of them, I do like to add them

I hate facebook and I want to delete it but I still want to get connected with some of the people there

so what should I do...

go back to simple

Saturday, August 14, 2010


so the thoughts in my head

samsung hired 2ne1 for their new commercial. I like it that they chose 2ne1

what could make me love samsung...

i like the droid because it's like a robot, cutting edge...

samsung is like, it just follows, it doesn't start anything new

all the clones of iphone's back, well iphone 4 has a new back...

i don't feel like collecting songs anymore. I can just listen to it in youtube

no point in getting big hard drives

granado, well, there's nothing new

although I'm glad I stuck around, because I learned a valuable lesson

what else

i need to keep my standards up again

Sunday, August 8, 2010


growth stone = 5-5.5-6-7
mystery powder = 1-1.2-1.5-2
booster = 3-3.5-4
werewolf and ogre weapons and recipes
master scroll 27-28-29-25-40
Hrin 2.5- 2
Black oxide 2.5-1.2-1.5
vet chips 3.5
100 chips 1-1.5
aquarious symbol 200-15-120-150
dragon heart recipe 300-270
trump weapons 50-60

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I really like crafting. I like it when I get all of the ingredients and then I'm able to create something new :)

I also like doing quests... well, most of it. It gives me something to do...

I hate chipping. It never gives me anything good.

What else.... can't think of any right now

Off to find something fun to do

Hmm, Caraccii has been messaging me, asking me where I was...

why did someone say he is a scammer???

anyway, maybe he's not

Been looking for werewolf recipes. Now that I have plenty of 100 weapons, I don't have recipes or seals...

What else... so many rings, will I turn them into oxides?

I think I participatd in Team Arena/Arsene after August 3 and before August 5 and it wasn't counted

I don't care anymore....I just want to enjoy it

Don't mind me, I'm especially cranky today....

I don't want to be cranky anymore!! I want o be normal :)

I'm sure they keep track of all the raids.

In other news, slowly regaining my interest in the game. But this time, I'm just a merchant :) Out to make money :)

Mafia Wars has been distracting me. Also, plants vs zombies lol

Friday, August 6, 2010


It's the first time I've arrived home and my GE is still connected.

Lost interest in the game now.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Training Potion

So I used a Training Potion large on my scout's enhanced tactics. I was hoping it would give a lot of exp, and I was already planning to buy plenty of them, but when I used it, it gave such a small amount of exp, I laughed and that was a fun moment :)

I bought a Fortune Cat and I want to resell it, but no one wants to buy it lol
I find it cute, but I hate that it casts fortitudo instead of acceleration.

And then I have a Trump Pistol. Now I can finally compare if it's better to use a Trump or a Pioneering Pistol. In terms of attack speed, they're the same, but the Trump Pistol gives higher attack, but less critical. So I'm sticking with the Pioneering Pistols, because they're almost the same.

I want to simplify things because it's complex when I have to keep track that I need to sell a pet box, a trump pistol, enhancement boosters, growth stones, and two training potions :) I want to sell them all :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who would have thought

there was a connection between my buyer and my faction leader... so I was just trading, but then nothing happened, so I was confused, scared and cautious, then the leader warned me, but then I got 50m so I thought it's not a scam lol and then he said the alert was a joke and then there was an unravelling, and then Aylasalve also broaded... I was like, blur...hahaha :) they all know each other, Tion, Cronus, and women.
It's about love! ^_^

And then I'm so clueless that something happened in Hellena's Circus of Fate, it became Hellena's free for all, apparently, the circus had a lot of wonderful magic tricks and you can get free stuff, but then the magic disappeared and then they said, more than a hundred can't play anymore for now. No more joy and excitement. Must have been exciting to get so much top loot ^_^ Like you're in a shopping spree and you can grab all you can in one minute ^_^ I want to be in a contest like that :)

Or like in the movies, there's a car crash and cash bursts into the air :) Gosh, once in my lifetime, I want to experience that :) Such silliness, a super fantasy :) You know it's not yours but it's, like, is it free :)

So, a hint of worry, what if I got vis from someone who sold stuff from the bug, how the heck would I know

Might be good that I've been pressing printscreen. Keep track of reputation, money, items, exp :) Overall progress ^_^

Friday, July 30, 2010


Things to do:
get a haircut
pay water
fix nameplate

In other news, I copied Cabrons and brought an Ania along to level up :)

Why is cabron asterisked. Apparently it's a goat and it's a bad word. I don't really understand it

Been meeting a couple of players from Central America. They speak spanish

Learning how prices go up and down...currently, prices are up
At least I think that's the direction it's going.

Like gold in the real world, vis is a safe haven :)

from club hoot hoot

100 Dragonfly Silk – Artic Rufus Faux (Snowfield of The Ice Wizard Tower)
100 Black Cloth – Big Foot (Snowfield of The Ice Wizard Tower)
50 Silver Powder – [Made from Silver Pieces(Anvil)] – Various Monsters
50 Blue Powder [Made from Lapis Lazuli (middle anvil)] Artic Lazim-lam (Katovic)


so I like
can't beat the feeling
too much
cupid boy
get outta my way ...I like this one, but the least among the new ones that I like
closer...when i just want to just space out and not think and just let the music fill my emotion, this is the song

also, looking out for paris, I'm her fan hehehe

Team Arena

So I joined again, with my faction... This is the screenshot I got. I feel they're the ones benefiting, not me...

I saw a cute question mark :)