Tuesday, February 14, 2012

IP e-games and Lorenza

So I read in the forums that Ip e-games is joining Level Up.

I wonder what Level Up will do... they now have the power to decide
And then, I also saw this, about Lorenza leaving


ranado Espada Community Manager Lorenza to Leave IAHGames Next Month
– January 27, 2012Posted in: Granado Espada

lorenza e1327665560460 Granado Espada Community Manager Lorenza to Leave IAHGames Next Month

Those who read this site in the early days would know I balanced my occasional writings with being a Super Moderator on two IAHGames Forums – Granado Espada and Dragonica, two games which I still admit are fantastic and well supported by the company. When Hrin left to follow other prospects about two and a half years ago, Lorenza took over the reins as Community Manager for Granado Espada. Lorenza, also referred to as Lorsie (and seemingly to her disdain) Lorenzoo and was the perfect example of a tyrannical staff member who instilled a sense of fear into everyone she talked to – whipping both each the Moderators, Community Crew and normal users into shape with her Iron Rifle….

Actually, the last sentence was a lie. While I dropped out of being a Moderator for the most part in early 2011, I really did enjoy working with Lorenza and I think her and the other IAH Games team members did a good job in keeping events running and all the other stuff she had to do in her role. While it will be sad to see her go, we now have Gragon as our new Community Manager who I haven’t had a chance to really talk to yet, but we will have to see if he can meet or improve upon the standards already set by the previous two.

After knowing Lorenza for five years now, I wish her all the best in her future and hope she will still return to our community as a gamer!