Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who would have thought

there was a connection between my buyer and my faction leader... so I was just trading, but then nothing happened, so I was confused, scared and cautious, then the leader warned me, but then I got 50m so I thought it's not a scam lol and then he said the alert was a joke and then there was an unravelling, and then Aylasalve also broaded... I was like, blur...hahaha :) they all know each other, Tion, Cronus, and women.
It's about love! ^_^

And then I'm so clueless that something happened in Hellena's Circus of Fate, it became Hellena's free for all, apparently, the circus had a lot of wonderful magic tricks and you can get free stuff, but then the magic disappeared and then they said, more than a hundred can't play anymore for now. No more joy and excitement. Must have been exciting to get so much top loot ^_^ Like you're in a shopping spree and you can grab all you can in one minute ^_^ I want to be in a contest like that :)

Or like in the movies, there's a car crash and cash bursts into the air :) Gosh, once in my lifetime, I want to experience that :) Such silliness, a super fantasy :) You know it's not yours but it's, like, is it free :)

So, a hint of worry, what if I got vis from someone who sold stuff from the bug, how the heck would I know

Might be good that I've been pressing printscreen. Keep track of reputation, money, items, exp :) Overall progress ^_^

Friday, July 30, 2010


Things to do:
get a haircut
pay water
fix nameplate

In other news, I copied Cabrons and brought an Ania along to level up :)

Why is cabron asterisked. Apparently it's a goat and it's a bad word. I don't really understand it

Been meeting a couple of players from Central America. They speak spanish

Learning how prices go up and down...currently, prices are up
At least I think that's the direction it's going.

Like gold in the real world, vis is a safe haven :)

from club hoot hoot

100 Dragonfly Silk – Artic Rufus Faux (Snowfield of The Ice Wizard Tower)
100 Black Cloth – Big Foot (Snowfield of The Ice Wizard Tower)
50 Silver Powder – [Made from Silver Pieces(Anvil)] – Various Monsters
50 Blue Powder [Made from Lapis Lazuli (middle anvil)] Artic Lazim-lam (Katovic)


so I like
can't beat the feeling
too much
cupid boy
get outta my way ...I like this one, but the least among the new ones that I like
closer...when i just want to just space out and not think and just let the music fill my emotion, this is the song

also, looking out for paris, I'm her fan hehehe

Team Arena

So I joined again, with my faction... This is the screenshot I got. I feel they're the ones benefiting, not me...

I saw a cute question mark :)


So I became a starter/mule in Team Arena, and it took so long, it was a disaster. I want to play, not watch... but I can't leave... and I can't fight...

And then, I wanted to make more ghost nucleus but I can't repeat the quest...

Invierno ate the Katovic soup I painstakingly hand picked...

Not fun...


So I woke up with my characters dead, and then I scrolled up to read, AbouDehn recognized me in the game :) It's fun and funny and simple, I'm just like you, we're all gamers :) I don't really know how to react, if I acknowledge, then I'm going to look like oh I'm so famous... I don't know how to handle fame

So special mention to AbouDehn :) see you in culverts squad :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I don't know what they all are

some of my guesses:

QS - queen sword

EDS - ??

Team Arena, Two Teams

We got a Capricorn Symbol :) It's times like this when it's very thrilling :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So what to do during maintenance:

Plot and scheme what I will do once the servers are up ^_^

In the meantime, must get back to doing lunges and pull ups and push ups...muscles have been getting flabby, must firm them up. It's so hard to be an ectomorph, have to exercise all the time.

Well, I read the news and ZX online is going to be offline. So that is why I saw GM Mei Yan become CM Veya.

I wonder how GM Aethrin is doing...

Hmm, I'm stuck with so many G Stones, I don't know what to do with them.

Was finally able to set the Trade Lock Password with Caraccii's help.

Well, off I go for more real life :)


I forgot to take a screenshot of TA today :(

I remember there was winterapple

and enixon, leonneth, who else

I used Prinicipal today

And it's powerful!

Unrelated screenshots, I just need their names

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I swear, I only had 171 vis, but when I woke up, it's 199
I'm getting senile
And there were gloves missing a few days ago. Or did I drop them?
That is so weird
Anyway, Arsene and TA last night.
This midnight sleeping everyday is unsustainable.
I'm going to get anemia if I continue with this.
So you get anemia, and then the heart compensates by pumping harder and faster,
until your heart enlarges, and then it reaches a breaking point and you get a heart attack.
My goodness, must live healthily.

horrific, frustrating, annoying,


horrific, infuriating, annoying, frustrating,
fuming mad
blowing steam through my ears

But I survived this trial and tribulations, I'm still smiling :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

I learned a new idiom

It's bat an eye, which means, to not show any reaction

I wonder how I can use it.

I've got so many screenshots, maybe I should facebook them