Sunday, December 28, 2008

No CW in Giovanni

So we waited in Quay. I was worried because if a vet came, I'd die.

After a while, everyone was restless, and the broads started: no cw.

Okay, I've played too much GE now.

On a side note, I read in the forum that there are 2 experts in Giovanni now, after 4 days only. Oh my goodness. How can you be expert in just 4 days? Let's say, on the first day, you are vet, and then on the next 3 days, you become expert. I want to know how that is possible, because I've stayed awake for 24 hours on several occasions just to maximize the combat manual and the AT pass and I am still at 108 107 106.

I hate that blogger puts pics in reverse. Maybe I should think backwards and upload the last picture first.

Christatus: for archiving

Skullic and Behe - for documentation

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silver Skullic

So today I decided, the heck with it, just enjoy the game. I bought one Claude Crate, opened it, and got an elemental jewel. Not bad. I'll be able to use it. So I bought another Claude crate and got a high quality emerald. ugh.

So then I bought 10 Claude crates for 3300 G-Points. I got 2 pieces of Mega Ionium, another hqe, one andre's box, a 92 chip, and on the eight, I got a Silver Skullic Bracer. When it dropped on the floor, I was pressing CTRL Shift and I thought, what junk is this...oh it's a silver skullic bracer!

So now, I can play with the Behemoth Bracelet I got from Christmas. And I was also able to chip that with Dinosaur stat. A dinosaur? Kinda useless. Worth noting is the 26% attack up and 16% attack speed. Mediocre stats, I guess, but better than most of the stats on my other weapon.

Oh wait. Garim is a Dinosaur ^_^ But then, he has 70 Fire Resistance -_-"

Now, I am faced with the problem of upping these items. Oh my goodness.

I kinda feel like these 30 AR weapons are obsolete since all the high maps require high AR.

Everyone seems to be training Wizards

Just an observation: everyone seems to be training wizards.
And everyone wants 32 AR weapons.

Maybe it has something to do with Zeia. I assume the maps there, you can levitate and the mobs won't damage you. And their DR is so high, you need a high AR too to damage them.

In real life, I need to study.

I have to semi-quit again.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Granado Espada's Santa gave me a Behemoth Bracelet

Thank you for the Behemoth bracelet.

I joined the naughty or Nice event, and my name was called.

It was fun ^_^

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Naughty or Nice

I just topped up (Thanks to rachmaninof), and I got an Andre's box. I want to give it to rachmaninof...the rest of the searches were junk.

I have made comics again, after what, 3 years?

Granado Espada Naughty or Nice 2008

Pilfurr the pet

Amazing Race was fun

Talking Sheep

My screenshot for 4th place ^_^

And 5th Place

Just a random screenshot

I was 5th and 4th place in the two rounds.

I didn't know if I clicked on the angel GM or not, so I clicked repeatedly, and just darted off.

The obstacles got me several times.

I'm happy to have ended up fifth and fourth place ^_^

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Something good happened today

I'm happy ^_^

Limbic system was on overdrive. I was nervous. But then, it didn't fail.

Thank goodness. Saves me from days of being stressed.

Although I missed that 2DR. Should have used the main one instead of the bluff.

Note to self: just do it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Major Opal

So I refined a green ore using a mystery powder. And I got a Major Opal Rumin.

It said +4 to all ATK when used in a weapon.
And for armors, it's All RES +2.
I wonder if it also gives +2 to Mental RES and Mind.

Well, +2 is not much, but it's better than nothing.

So let's count it: 2 for fire, 2 for lightning, 2 for ice, and maybe add 2 for mental and two for mind. That's 10 RES total. Not bad.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Book of Wind

I wish the armors are listed there too. What I specifically want to know is, who can wear the Rescue suit. It's leather armor. But I think it's for scouts only.

What about the Rescue Knight, maybe she can wear the Rescue Suit?

Giovanni is getting more alluring

Soon, G-Points can buy you Adelina's Booty Searches.

I'm guessing all the loot from the past would be brought back.

But then, it's a PK server. Must learn to adapt to a player kill environment.

I am guessing they want the new server to be up and running and catch up with Rembrandt and Bach fast so that players spend g-points more.

Maybe my idea is flawed. Maybe the best thing is to get Catherine as soon as possible in the new world. Bots would probably allowed to let players zoom to veteran as soon as possible.

3 days, maybe that's all it takes to get a veteran. Or even less.

Well, it's hard to say goodbye to my account in Rembrandt. All the time spent there, I am letting it go.

1. It's not going to be like closed beta. Don't underestimate the new server.
2. Vis would be the same price as in Rembrandt and Bach
3. Things would be the same, except now, you have the chance to be strong, instead of catching up to the strongest players if you were playing in Bach or Rembrandt.
4. If you are rich in real life, you can buy many G-Points and dominate in Giovanni maybe...

I should really start less thinking and do more of enjoying the game ^_^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I need to join a faction

Here is what I have:
107 Cath, 107 Fighter, 105 Elementalist, 101 MBoma, 98 Kurt, 97 Musk

Here are Rembrandt's Factions:

Nova Kingdom - Hero = level 100, Veteran, Expert, or any where in between. Show refined ethics. "Offenses = as you can see, botting is not included in the list of offenses. Not that I'm not against botting, but I feel that it's downright unfair to pester our own faction members if the greater powers aren't doing something to solve this problem in general for everybody. I might overlook it if members are botting"

E□m□i□n□e□n□c□e - I registered in their forum. Goodness me, it's an obstacle just to find out what their requirements are. Attendance of at least 3 Colony wars. TRIAL PERIOD OF 1 MONTH. No ass, trash talks, foul mouths - THEY STINK. Minimum Level Requirement = EXPERT. Ok, I don't qualify yet. On to the next faction.

Le´ Çonquistador - I don't like the name. Minimum Level of 106

#%#^%%$ - sexpert

Destiny Faction - Gay

Wargodz - no level requirement

Templars - horny vets and experts active in raids and colony wars

Osiris - expert, veteran > 105

¤ ALL ¤ STAR ¤ - expert

But then, I might be playing in Giovanni...

This is too tiring to research each and every one of the big factions. And besides, they say colony war is all about spinelles now.

It's not how many participate, it's how many spinelles you have.
Now, if I can dupe spinelles...


######################## Instruction ##########################

1.Copy Ge.exe vao folder Release ( nen back up file cu truoc)

2.Copy MyHotKey vao folder release\user\hotkey\

3.Copy file user.xml vao folder Release

######################## Commands ############################

*** only left Shift can be use, the number used must be in main keyborad. not numlock in right keyboard. ***
*** shift 4,Q,A,Z,W,S,X,R,F,V will be OFF when ever change map, channel and new game. ***
*** Protection Field should choose Cha1 or Cha2 or Cha3 only one character. ***
*** The effect of AI will depends on the no. of times u pressed ***

***Chi nut Shift ben trai co the su dung , so duoc su dung nam o keyboard chinh . Ko fai so nam ben numlock(ben phai)
***shift 4,Q,A,Z,W,S,X,R,F,V se tu dong mat tac dung khi chuyen map , chuyen channel , log out
*** Skill Protection Field chi su dung duoc 1 trong 3 char
*** Tac Dung cua auto phu thuoc vao so lan an .

Shift + 1 [ ON/OFF Cha1 Pick ] - character1 pick item.- Char 1 luom item
Shift + 2 [ ON/OFF Cha2 Pick ] - character2 pick item.- Char 2 luom item
Shift + 3 [ ON/OFF Cha3 Pick ] - character3 pick item.- Char 3 luom item
Shift + 4 [ ON/OFF Auto Keep ] - Auto Keep. Tu dong dung day ngay khi bi nga~
*** choose this command after press space bar. ***

Shift + 5 [ ON/OFF Auto Heal ] - Healer & Atk Healer can Heal. (start Healer) - Scout / Viki ..... Tu buff mau khi cam vu khi
*** ON Healer, ON Atk Healer, ON Healer & Atk Healer, OFF first start ON Healer. (normally) ***

Shift + 6 [ ON/OFF Auto SP ] - add SP for Catherine, Jack, Yeganeh, Angie when Summon only. - Tu dong bom SP ( chi dung chi Cath,Jack,Angie,Yenagen)
*** use short cut SP Potion into position I K ,. *** De Sp o o^ I , K ,,

Shift + 7 [ ON/OFF Jack Range ] - Jack, Angie, Yeganeh Range CLOSE, FAR. (deafault is CLOSE)
Shift + 8 [ ON/OFF Attack Range ] - Attack Range 1000 - 2000. (deafault is 1400)
Shift + 9 [ ON/OFF Pick Range ] - Pick Range 1000 - 2000. (default is 1400)
Shift + 0 [ ON/OFF Auto Potion ] - use Potion when HP < 50% - 90%. - Tu dung HP
*** use short cut HP Potion into position U J M. *** - De HP o o^ U J M

Shift + H [ ON/OFF Type Heal ] - Type Heal is PARTY and TEAM. (our team) (start PARTY)- Buff mau chi family cua minh hoac cho pty .
Shift + N [ ON/OFF Auto Resus ] - Resuscitation. (Scout Emilia Viki Romina RescueKnight) (only our team)- Tu dong hoi sinh khi co nguoi chet .

Shift + L [ ON/OFF Master Reset ] - Reset everything to normal. (except Auto Keep, Attack Range, Pick Range) - Reset lai Auto

Shift + Q [ ON/OFF Cha1 AI ] - character1 Auto AI. - Tu dong Auto Char 1
Shift + A [ ON/OFF Cha2 AI ] - character2 Auto AI.
Shift + Z [ ON/OFF Cha3 AI ] - character3 Auto AI.
*** Wizard, Mboma, EmiliaSage will use Levitation when AI activated. ***
*** Wizard, Mboma, EmiliaSage will auto SP when SP uses up. Will land and re - levitate after auto SP. ***
*** use short cut SP Potion into position I K ,. ***
*** Levitation ON 4 STANCE (for Wizard / ets) , ON 3 STANCE (for Mboma) , OFF. ***
*** Wizard, Emilia, EmiliaSage use Levitation. (Protection Field will be off) ***

*** Catherine summon all dolls. ***
*** Jack and Yeganeh build cannon, cannon+ fence, cannon+ ward, cannon+ fence+ ward. (stance must true) ***
*** Cannon refers to both Cannon turrets and Siege Cannon turret stance. ***
*** Angie same Jack. (stance must true) ***
*** ViKi summons only one monster and will depend on how many time u pressed for monster type. ***
*** Treasure golem = hill giant, Iron Ararat = Ararat for amicus stance. ***
*** Multiple summoner can be used ***
*** Musketeer, Grace, Najib, CatherineDEX,STR,INT can Kneel but can't move. (it's not good enough) ***

*** other job will have no effect. ***

Shift + W [ ON/OFF Cha1 BUFF ] - character1 use skill BUFF.
Shift + S [ ON/OFF Cha2 BUFF ] - character2 use skill BUFF.
Shift + X [ ON/OFF Cha3 BUFF ] - character3 use skill BUFF.
*** Warlock use Skill2, Skill6, Skill2 & 6, OFF. (stance must true) ***
*** Wizard use Protection Field, Skill6, OFF. (stance must true) ***
*** Soso, Irawan use Skill4 for stance chapter of fire. (stance must true) ***
*** Gracielo, Gurtude use Skill6. (All character) ***
*** Karjalainen, Panfilo use Skill2 for some stance. (stance must true) ***

*** Musketeer use Concentrate, Concentrate & Westraid for stance double gun shot, OFF. (stance must true) ***
*** Infantry use Concentrate. ***
*** AdelinaPirate, Garcia, Brunie, Grace use Westraid for stance double gun shot. (stance must true) ***

*** Wizard, Emilia, EmiliaSage, CatherineDEX, STR, INT use Protection Field. (stance must true) ***
*** (Levitation will be off) ***

*** Eduardo, Kurt use Grim Ripper. (stance must true) ***

*** Fighter use Provoke, Guardian for stance high guard, OFF. (stance must true) ***
*** Grandma use Provoke. ***
*** Romina, RescueKnight use Guardian. (stance must true) ***

*** Scout, Soho, Soho the wind, ViKi use Fortitudo. (stance must true) ***
*** Intensify + Acceleration + Meditation, Intensify + Fortify + Meditation, OFF. ***
*** Fortitudo buff Only to be place as character3. ***

*** other job will have no effect. ***

Shift + R [ ON/OFF Cha1 Skill ] - character1 use skill1-5, OFF.
Shift + F [ ON/OFF Cha2 Skill ] - character2 use skill1-5, OFF.
Shift + V [ ON/OFF Cha3 Skill ] - character3 use skill1-5, OFF.
*** shift R,F,V target is only monsters. ***
*** Jose can use this command to shoot cannon. (in option game must change target ground to auto) ***

Shift + T [ ON/OFF Cha1 Atk ] - character1 ON/OFF Attack. (start ON)
Shift + G [ ON/OFF Cha2 Atk ] - character2 ON/OFF Attack. (start ON)
Shift + B [ ON/OFF Cha3 Atk ] - character3 ON/OFF Attack. (start ON)



Addicted again

Notice that only beef and orbs aren't picked up.

"don't make life harder" - makes sense.

I've been playing for 2 days.

By hand.

I feel I should get a macro like everyone else.

Anyway, vheah and Blisshart sold me some fesos. And so, I bought several Combat Manual 100% 1 day for 32,000 fesos.

And I went inside Poison Yard too. That was fun. I found six sun stones.

Later, with a Catherine, I went to Island of Fire. It looks like Island of botters. I saw the neatly arranged constructions.

I brought Kurt level 72 and a Musk level 68. Day one, Kurt reached level 88, and Musk, level 87. Day two, which is today, Kurt reached 98 and Musk 97. I stopped because it was maintenance. I didn't know it was maintenance today.

So later, I'll make them vet.

I need an AFK team.

So maybe, if I find a macro, I'll train Grace or Brunie, plus Karja maybe, or Claude. I wish I can level them all up at the same time.

I'm so tired now.

Ooh I just saw the youtube of white christmas GE, cool soothing voices ^_^

Monday, December 8, 2008

Giovanni: How to become vet as soon as possible

There are two things that you need: Buy G-Points to get the ABS searches, and also find an internet cafe with the premium buff.

Choice of characters:
1. Idge the Battlesmith - level 40, 15000 G-Points
2. Panfilo the Battlecook - level 40, 15000 G-Points
3. Adelina the Pirate - level 44, top loot in Adelina' Booty Search
4. Soho of the Wind - level 44, top loot in Adelina' Booty Search
5. Emilia the Sage - level 44 - from the Limited Edition Box

Find an internet cafe with the premium buff (I don't know the hourly rate):
* 20% increased character EXP - stack this with the Combat Manual 100%
* 20% increased stance EXP
* 20% increased item drop rate
* Free access to all Forgotten Territory Dungeons - enter here as soon as you can
* Free access to Hidden Ancient Territory Dungeons
* Free items daily
o 5 x Warp Scrolls
o 10 x Fireworks
o 3 x Microphone
o 3 x Progressive Health-Fillers
o 3 x Progressive Soul-Fillers

Armors: hopefully you'll get level 36 elite armors and weapons from ABS (elite leather armor). If you don't, buy General Grade Glaziums. It's level 40, 440 Gpoints each. Armors cost 6 glaziums and is 2640 Gpoints. Weapons are 4 glaziums each, and that's 1760 GPoints.

Playing with attack speed is so much fun.

The Forgotten Territory in Tetra has the recommended level at 31-34. Maybe that's a safe place. Or you can try the 42-45 immediately.

Reality: Well, it's hard to get Adelina the Pirate and Soho of the Wind.
Emilia the Sage would be helpful because she can auto heal and resuscitate. If you can find a Limited Edition Box, that's good.

We are not all rich. Playing in the internet cafe is costly. The premise, in the race to reach vet, is to play 24 hours. Internet cafe owners would benefit.

GPoints - well, prepare.

December 22 is so close to Christmas. Either sacrifice your holiday or don't play.

Next step: you need more elite equips for level 52, 68 and 84. Level 84 equips might be a problem. You need the crafters for that: level 84 Idge, M'Boma, Andre and so on. Maybe if you join a faction, and then assign players who will level up these characters.

Alternative: just use level 1 characters and then do the quests to get the the glaziums, and then buy some GPoints so that you can get ABS searches and hopefully get some elite stuff to help you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Full Remission

I've been playing lately.

Well, the antialiasing is pretty good, I guess.

I want to level up my Kurt and my other Elementalist. But my goodness, it's so hard to level them up.

There are so many characters that I want to bring to vet. One of them is Grace (but almost everyone has an expert Grace now).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


There's Baphomet horns, Field survival manuals and legendary treasure boxes added to the Adelina's Booty Search top loot list.

The Baphomet Horns, it ends after 30 days.

The Field Survival Manual is only for 1 day. It causes chances of monsters to drop items by 20%. What does it mean? If you kill ten monsters, two of them are likely to drop items? It's not very alluring...

Legendary Treasure Box - maybe they will put the Dragon Heart Recipe inside...

Granado Espada Exploit

There's an exploit in Granado Espada. You can plus items to +8 or even more.

K2 and IAHgames need to find out how to recreate the exploit. If they can't recreate how the exploit is done, IMC won't do anything because that would mean, to them, the exploit doesn't exist.

A quote from ge-ai.net:

"Hi, for those who came to this forum looking for info to chip or enhance your items.
I would like to say, DUN bother.

It would most probably be a closely guarded secret that cannot be shared in a public forum in case the loophole might be patched by IAHGames."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I wonder what graphics card you need in order to get screenshots like this one above from Another Lonely Soul.

I think I need to find the setting on the graphics card and the set the antialiasing to max.

I found a japanese blogger with screenshots. The graphics aren't as smooth. But still very good.


Ooh a new NPC

I wish she was recruitable.

Then, I could make an evil family hehehe (a la KOTOR or aion)

Admission: I admit, I had a relapse. I played GE again. The computer was sourced from Fry's. Stood in line for the Black friday sale, was third in line, arrived there at 3pm, store opened 5 am the following day. I am never going to do it again. Well, maybe, one more time, but I will come prepared, with more jackets, blankets, pillows, friends, and make sure that the store will give out vouchers. I think I should have gone to Best Buy instead.

Anyway, I needed a vet family to boost me. I am stuck at level 32.
Also, the problem of lag. Maybe it is caused by the AMD processor.
From here: http://ge.iahgames.com/faq/FaqTechnicalSupport.aspx
"I'm using AMD Dual Core Processor. How come the game is slowed down for me?
There has been a seen video issue with AMD Dual Core Processors which results in slow frame rate in the middle of game play."

I wanted an Intel in the first place but it was sold out, so settled for my option number 2.

Or, lag is because of the internet? Maybe...I'm using wireless, so maybe sometimes the internet is gone, that's why there's lag. And then when the wireless reconnects, game continues, and my characters die.

In any case, will be going home tomorrow.

Must prioritize: studies first, GE 2nd.