Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hmm so GE is churning out a lot of new characters at fast pace. I'm not used to it. Before, it was like, Asoka in 6 months spaced between Lionel Richie lol

So anyway, I'm not seeing the new weapons...

Where are they?

Hmm I tried playing tit again but when I saw the experience bar of my stance, I'm like, omg, this is going to take forever, I don't want to play anymore. Even when I log in, I look at the exp card I'll get for the day, it's like the lowest training card... how motivating is that?

Plus, I need a decent Lute lol, Rio is still using a level 80 lute...

I looked at the Market Manager and I didn't see any Carmelians of Delights

Such a ...weird name

Like you cut all the word in the dictionary, mix them and pic two words, that's it, that's the weapons name! Sounds like an ice cream

So yeah ... GE... just making a post just for the sake of making a post.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm waiting for stronger weapons...

I think after I lost most of my cash, I didn't like to play this game anymore...

Brunie, Rio and Viki doesn't compare with Dual Musks and Scout lol...

But I still think of this game!!! Why!!!!

I tried to go back but it wasn't as fun anymore...

It's like I grind, but I'm like, meh... what's the point...

I tried playing the other characters but they don't excite me

So they said is it really the end? yeah, I think...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My title page contents
Hmm so I signed up for webmaster and they told me to paste this here...

but how exactly do I upload it?

google-site-verification: googled7132abc874e00df.html

Obviously, I have to choose another method lols
will it work???

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2ne1 I love you

So 2ne1 came back. ANd my goodness, no dance moves!!! They're boring. F(x) copied them and now the copycats are more entertaining. What the heck was 2ne1 thinking!! I think it's the fault of who controls them... No, what you did is not cool, watching the I love you video is like nothing special. I'm blaming this YG guy. As I said before, they need to hire back their old stylists.

DO I need to point out what's wrong?

No, the clothes are unwearable. And they're not fun :( What the heck, animal print vests, I don't see that in my wardrobe, not everyone has that, no one will parody your video, the fans will not be dancing to this, they won't make DeviantArt of their new clothes, it's horrific!!!

And they look old!!!!! WTF!!!!

Absolutely nothing fun about the new 2ne1

I mean I know it sucks that everyone copied your style

and I think the strategy was do this style and then hope everyone copies it, but NOOOOO it's ugly

Sorry, I have no solution for the copycats