Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do I marry for love or money

Do I marry for love or money?
A friend replied, "Marry for happiness"
I said, money makes me happy.
Why am I like this?
I hate it.
Solution: work so that I will earn money, for everyday expenses, to buy the things that will make me happy.
Also, a lot of people wants me to say I love you to them. I did before, sometimes, out of sympathy. I shouldn't do that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

going back to my roots

start from the beginning to get rid of this stupid anhedonia

how could i have anhedonia when i enjoy the game:)

well, that's more like addiction...

Things to do:
1. rest
2. jan 25 ward meeting
3. pack things, iron, get ready for escapade
4. exercise
5. Replace keyboard

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I hate that Basilisk :( But I was able to kill it!

I wasn't able to do with the Blink Dog what I did to the Basilisk, though. Wasted a couple of soul crystals.

What else... nothing much. Maybe I'll go to the the Chaos Pink pass

I look at the pictures and I'm right clicking to rotate, lol.. maybe in the future, jpgs can be rotatable :) It's the natural progression, TV's have 3D now, Nintendo has Nintendo 3DS, so maybe jpgs of MMO's can be 3D rotatable :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

~Happy 2011~Granado Espada

I like the voice acting lol plus the japanese :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dance moves

bep needs some dance moves... boom boom pow had some promising ones but I can't dance to it, too few steps.. maybe they can hire someone to teach them

britney's new one reminds me of beckham's out of your mind.. but it's different

2011 and I'm lacking anything new.. what do I look forward to...

Android is nowhere near mass market. It's high end.

Been dabbling with content creation again. So I'm writing lyrics :) I'm inspired by Beck's loser :) It's the path that will hopefully come up with something. So far, a few lines that don't rhyme... but does it have to rhyme...

I need to fly and see things for myself! But I'm stuck here :(

Fergie:a palm tree hair :) that would be so young, so cool, so wacky, so odd, so not taking oneself seriously :) It'll definitely get attention.. or maybe Taboo :) like a parody video, About fans

The problem with the new 2ne1, fans can't copy their clothes and hair anymore. It used to be fun because they can just rummage through their closet and find clothes to match 2NE1's outfits, but now, it's all difficult. I want street clothes back. And I want natural hair. It's difficult to dye hair into red and then go to school with that :)

an update just to update :)

I don't know anymore what to do in Granado. I could level up to master level 10. After that, what? i could get a silver earring.. or just find a nice, fun spot to play in... i like the Christmas event :) There's something to look forward to after collecting gold coins :) Castilla, I'm able to defeat the first metal boss with a megaman digger arm. And then the chaos phobitan general, I killed him once today. It's the regular phobitans that kill me! They swat me like a fly :( So, I just need to survive for maybe one minute and then I can kill then with outrage :) I like Corsair Rosso's + attack speed. The other armors don't have that. So I don't know what to do. The other armors are expensive. Maybe an earring that gives immunity...I wonder if I can reach attack speed 9. The Sylph wings are nice :) I like it :) It's like getting a buff for 30 days :) I'm looking for other places to solo.. other fun places. I tried the arena in bahia but the waiting time makes me leave the computer and not come back. And the prize isn't that enticing. It's too slow. I'm thinking of spending all of the fesos just to pay my way in the Castilla mine... but I might as well buy armor...