Thursday, May 23, 2013

The 3rd Birthday

So I have an idea. It hurts my eyes every time I click one character and the screen moves suddenly to another location. I played The 3rd Birthday on the PSP and in that game, you switch from character to character, and it doesn't hurt my eyes because as you move from one body to the other, there's a flash as if you're zooming to the next body. So I want Granado Espada to have that too. If the PSP can do it flawlessly with 10 year old hardware, then maybe GE can do it too?

In other news, I have so much vis I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to buy a weapon because I don't want to chip it. I give up on chipping. Same goes for armor.

So I bought a Principal Ring. So far, so good.

I tried playing with Hellena, Brunie and Emilia to get th AR1 DR1, but it sucked. At first, it was OK, they don't die even if I AFK, but then later, they died.

Plus, I hate equipping weapons. And I hate changing stances.

So Back to Brunie Musk and Scout.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Xtrap is a very effective tool to in preventing gamers from playing.

Characters, I have a lot of Masters now from playing the world cross PVP, but they don't have stances!

Plus, they don't have weapons!

I have a nice +6 constellation bracelet with wildlife but it's only one bracelet!

Switching weapons is not easy, this game is not like Counterstrike.

So, where are the aspects were playing is fun in this game?

I like the PVP. I've noticed, if I win, I will lose the next round, so why make an effort, just die and then wait for the next game.

It's fun to kill other players.

If I'm the one being killed, it's fine, I just tune out.

Chipping, I've never been lucky!

Paying, I don't want to be too entrenched in a game that I can't leave it because I have spent far too much time and effort in building up my characters.

In terms of fascination, of whether I find the new characters interesting, the drinking character with pistols, at first, I thought, huh, this is the new guy? Why? No appeal. And then I realized it has the same appeal as the bears in Tekken, or people who are attracted to the round body. Anyway, it's not for me.

Difficulty in finishing quests: I'm so far behind! I don't know what to do anymore. The sequence is lost to me. I read the guides online and I feel like I have poor attention span now.

Did I get old, like how some people grow up and they stop playing? Like if you're a kid, be a kid, play, and then when you grow up, be a grown up, stop playing? But I want to play!

I don't know why but I still like to play this game even if Xtrap is very effective.