Sunday, February 20, 2011

no robots

oh no, there's no robots in kylie's tour

everything is predictable.

none of the kooky skull or weirdness

It's all feathers

No weapons

Her ear wings look great ^_^ I wish she had a sword or a spear or something

There's no giant screen

Saturday, February 12, 2011

GE Trinoma TGIF

So I attended. I saw xriskbreakerx, sherwin (ripclaw), mena, eldeon rose, ruu, i think chii was there but not sure if it was her

and then win

I got a celphone wiper :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft

So, after so much speculation, the most obvious happens. Nokia will have Phone 7. But Phone 7 is like a burning platform too. But, I don't know, perhaps there is space for a third.

So there are Nokia fans.

And there are Microsoft fans.

Where does this fit in. Microsoft charges 15 bucks for Phone 7. So ASP will have that tacked on.

What do I see, what do I see

Ummm Meego and Phone 7, which was better? Could have wished for Nokia and Android. But duh, it was so obvious, why the heck did I even speculate.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bep, nokia

bep, I like how they have like Kylie's dancers

Bep and 2ne1, did I do it omg I need to get rid of this delusion

will.iam pls take care of me so that I continue to tell what I like

nokia, well, i see that they're going android. Even euro telecoms can see it coming, and they're telling that they don't want it.

GE land, ummm just a pastime

My pioneering pistols are starting to be ineffective

Music... what do I like...

Nothing yet.

I need to go to the states!! I don't have a visa :(

I'm on suicide mode right now... this is sad... I need to wake up and but there's no turning back already.

I don't know what guidance else to say...

Well, willow smith whip my hair lol

Most of the new music I like are already popular...

If you can put lyrics on SoundTemp

Oh um i think i saw the atrix ad with the planet eartha nd then the red planet which reminded me of my ad...

My goodness, why am I thinking like this, I must be going crazy...

Well, 2011, GE is about to shut down I suppose. I need to spend all of the growth stones now and everything.

No new guidance I suppose. Am I losing my touch?