Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am tired.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Listing for exposure

Things that I need to adapt to: there will always be noise. I don't have a soundbooth.
Lessen reading forum and devote more to production. And studying. And sleeping. And cleaning.

In other news, adsense is 40.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Giovanni or Rembrandt

Giovanni - well, it's fun because everything is cheap.

Rembrandt - I already have near experts.

Maybe I'll stick with Rembrandt.

Fighter maximum:
+7 Elite Le Noir 3 DR
what weapon? Maybe a sword, for equites.
What sword? One that needs a Dragon Heart.
Plus, get a phantom guard 2DR for flexibility. I can equip the shield and unequip it as the need arises.

+7 Elite Le Noir 3 DR again --- oh well
What bracelet?
A Black Bishop?

High level weapons, I'm not even familiar with them.

Problem: what to choose for a third character?

I want to strengthen vertically instead of horizontally. What I mean is focus my strength on 3 main characters, instead of training many characters and then getting equips for them and ending up with just mediocre weapons.

What I already have: vet musk, vet scout, vet kurt, 100 karja, vet mboma, vet cath, vet angie... feels like I wasted so much resource instead of just focusing on the main team. well, I did focus on them and ended up wasting a lot of chips...

I might be leveling up the musk. Or, look at what I already have.

I already have armors for scout, wizard and a bone frame.

Problem: the Wizard, I kinda don't like the girl wizard, and the same goes with the male...

Solution: Trade +6 to another +6

Oh well... Maybe I should just take a break again. I really have to. Need to study.

March 2, if pass, then I can GE as much as I want, if fail, oh no. Must study so as not to fail.

Plus, IELTS.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Prove It

Neighbor's dog is too noisy. Must time voice capture when it's not barking.
Limited voice range.

Missing Premium Buff

I am here at the iHooked Recto branch.

There is no premium buff.

Wasted: fare going here and back home, time and money.

My membership has expired. It has been 1 year...

Also, wanted to vet Giovanni characters. I guess they won't be vet soon. Alternatives, I must find.

Same goes to Rembrandt trio. They are so close to becoming experts.

Attendant said there were many who asked about it. She said the main office hasn't updated them about it yet.

List of Internet cafes with supposed Premium Buff: link

More info: link

So that won't have to search for these pages again.

There is no more Club GE week in the Machinima Fantastic Ads Awards.

Before leaving, was able to show to the manager the IAH website about the Club GE and that their branch is one of the participating branches of Club GE. She gave what seemed to me as a genuine response to look into it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Donate Blood

Getting Claire in Giovanni

So I was stuck at Claire's quest in Giovanni server. I don't have an elemental jewel. But then, it struck me, I think I know how to get one, but it involves G-Points.

The other day, in Rembrandt, I opened Claude's Crates and was able to get an elemental jewel from one of the crates.

In other news, Giovanni seems to be more exciting because they are raiding all the bosses there. I want to participate in that. But first, I have to be vet. Currently at level 73... It's so hard to level up.

And, was able to answer January 3 and 4, 2009 Red Dot Design Museum, without the typo, in Rembrandt. Of all the crucial moments, I made a typo in Giovanni.

Also made an advertisement for the Blood Donation event. Youtube

I've donated blood before though... once is enough perhaps.

2009, it's a New Year.

Over at Rembrandt, I have near experts.

So, a dilemma. I think I will be playing wherever it is enjoyable to play in.

There's an iHooked Las PiƱas.