Saturday, June 12, 2010

Healing while equipped with a dagger

I wish my scout can heal while equipped with a dagger and afk. Today, I saw a squadmate do that. Incredible.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Idea for a new Character: Teleporter

Nightcrawler is my favorite X-man so maybe it would be cool to have a character in Granado Espada who could teleport. Concept would be, his personal skill is equal to a teleport scroll, randomly transporting you somewhere. Alternative would be he could have an extended warp list. Or teleport you where you click on the map.

Perhaps a portal summoner ^_^ Maybe a Catherine

Monday, June 7, 2010


So ADfest was canceled because of the turmoil in Thailand.

What if those protesters didn't protest, why did they have to fight for what is right.. now, Thailand, such a beautiful country, is in a set back. Lots of businesses affected, stock market crashed... so suppose they got what they wanted, president is out, but after that, the price they pay is, Thailand is unstable. No businessmen want to invest anymore, no tourists want to go there, but surely, it will be like business as usual. Thailand is a fun place. But it's going to take months, one year maybe.

Why o why must the right thing be fought for, and then, after that, sure, you won, but then, the fighting was so bad that it ruins everything.

Escape to the virtual world:
It used to be, the RMT broad spammers were unknown. I just see their many messages on the screen, without a clue of who or where they are. But now, they're in the city! I can see them! If only I can pinch them ^_^ They're so real but I can't touch them!

I did see GM Xanxus speak high above and the proclamation was, ban hammer ^_^ It's assuring to see such powerful displays of peace and order.

But seagm is so hard to get rid of! They're gone, but they're back again. I wish Sekhmet would be a mainstay in Auch, like a maid who sweeps out the garbage. That would be so cool ^_^ Instead of when she was there and everyone would just die.


On weekends, I get less disconnections. But on weekdays, I get disconnected often. It's like it's timed with a person going to work. Like back in Holy Week, I was playing smoothly ^_^ Maybe the person didn't have work..

Anyway, today, I got disconnected again, so I thought, I'm not fighting it. If it gets disconnected, I won't log back in. But it's hard to resist! I want to play ^_^

Are log-ins so low that they need to resort to disconnecting people so that they would log back in, making the total log-ins in a day high?

Maybe I should follow my mantra, don't fight it, don't resist it...if I get disconnected, just follow what I want, log-in and play, if I get dc again, log-in again, just log-in...

It must be just my imagination that someone is disconnecting me. Why would anyone do that?

I wish to side with the dark side!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why do I keep thinking about the constellation

I need to get this out of my system, it's dragging me down.

So Bonita explained that it would be best if the the All Stars faction leader would have it during raids, because he has the most buff and had the highest family level. I was thinking, I did not win this so that you can play with it, it's difficult to get one and then you think I can easily lend it.

Doesn't matter now, constellations are not that uber.

And then it was clear they only let me join All Stars because of what I had.

I wish she just left me alone, so that I remained clueless as to how much the Constellation bracelets could have been worth back then, so that I would not have acted against my better judgment, and I would still be a pure, good, untainted gamer :)

But it was a game. It was thrilling to be invited in All Stars ^_^ And sure, I can decide for my own, I just didn't make the right decision. I caved in and was corrupted, like the One Ring in Lord of the Rings lol maybe I'll turn into Gollum... my precioussss

Well, I'm back to a nobody and it feels good to be playing again. Although there are times now that I don't know what else to do. Grinding has been boring again.

I did place "Fantastic Ads Awards 2009 Grand Prize Winner" in my family profile. I was ashamed before, and I wanted to keep a low profile, but it is who I am.

Now, with Cerosplus, I was so engrossed in doing the Arsene raid that I forgot to make my bid. So, rules are rules, I asked the faction members if I can still bid, they said no, it's past the deadline. Ok, whatever.

Off I go to play ^_^

It's like every problem now, it's so difficult, that to cope with it, I play ^_^

This game is like therapy...

I can vent my anger on an unsuspecting afk trio, kill steal them, but that's what I did before, not anymore. I noticed I get disconnected if I encroach upon the circle of another player. So, I just cover a big, empty area. Who cares if my characters take two spots? There's no line there that says I can't do that.

Well, getting the vault loots won't be much good to me either. I don't want the level 100 weapons and armors, I just lose vis when I break them. I don't want the rings either. I don't turn them into black oxides. I bought high quality gems, and then everyone was wondering, why did I buy that, and now, they copy me.

So the faction raid picked up a Pisces last June 3. I don't care anymore if they keep it for themselves. I'm sure they have a conscience.

It makes me happy that a new faction member like me got the coveted Veteran Chips and 100 Chips. Leonneth is going to be rich! If he/she could get them, it gives me hope that I could too ^_^

Why am I so engrossed over this game.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I need to find charm, why am I predisposed to have this stupid attitude. It's better sometimes not to speak my mind, so that I won't incite trouble. Everything will be peaceful and harmonious that way.

Starting now, I will strive to be charming ^_^

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Old players coming back

So I met someone who said he played four years ago but he forgot his password. So now, he's playing Musk, Wizard and Fighter.

Pictures to remind me of fun times :)

I'm super slow to react.

I wanted to join this but it's so colorful, it's like if I join, I'm admitting I like colorful ^_^
And I'm using my friend's account, so I don't know if that's possible. My account was banned.
Plus, you've got Desanggria, she's won the NaNoWriMo, 50,000 words and it's like, I don't have a chance.

Oh well, this blog is pink because I wanted to push the limits, make something outrageous. I have to be careful because I'm not like a child anymore who's testing my limits with my parents...So maybe this is what it means to be mature :)

Plus, that shooot machinima contest, but I don't have a Japanese visa lol so why bother joining (I also didn't want my sister's internet to disappear if I installed GE)

I kinda don't like Hellena's boobs, I still like the Elementalist's ^_^

In Div Unlimited blog, I like the old one, the Elemental Penetration one, that was funny :)

I don't know if I should just forget the past and just move on.

I'm moving on and enjoying the game ^_^

Sword 2, according to Starstorm-GE blog, it's in beta, well it did cross my mind to download it and start there, but then I imagined how I will make my characters to Master and then fill the quarters with many characters and then bring them all to Master too so that I will have a high family level...seriously, I can only play with Musks. I only spacebar.

CerosPlus faction, well, I like the point system, plus the accounting, but I don't like the vault holding on to the loots for one month. It doesn't gain interest, so why not release it as soon as we get it so that we can at least gain something immediately. I can sell it and then make money now instead of waiting one month (which, by the time I get it, my money could have already doubled...of course, that's theoretical). I don't want any of the level 100 items. If I break them, then I lose vis, and get one item that's +6. If I sell them, Le Blancs are hard to sell at 1m. I don't like th rings either. I like the chips, but everyone like the chips.

So I'm stuck with them for another month, which isn't so bad. I just wish they were more active. I can't play Arsene at midnight, because I would then have to sleep at 1am. All my exercise would be lost and I would be sleeping during the day, instead of exercising.

Running, I wish I can run some more!! The ground has been soggy because of the rain.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Iahed.livejournal.com, sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't

I want to play, to enjoy, to have fun :) but it's maintenance, so I can't play family rachmaninof

In other news, my favorite artist is back and she's on top of people ^_^

And Android, can't wait for the Mediatek androids

Still waiting for the 2ne1 comeback