Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The third card is out ^_^
It's Prost. Short for Prostitute

I see an E and a giant A

I didn't see the A at first.

So far, here are the letters

My guess is Arsene.
Correct or wrong?



I migrated to Giovanni. My new family name is PaulV. My old account, exebolt, is suspended because I did the stupidest thing.

It's painful to think about it. I did it because of the lure of the money. What I suggest is make the constellation weapon prize a non-tradeable item like a pioneering weapon.

I just think of it like I'm in a reality TV show and I just got evicted ^_^

And so, I'm on to a fresh start. I don't know if I am still allowed to play.

It's nice to try out new characters. I'm never going back to a fighter. He can't afk. And it's a good thing I met Gracex. I had the idea from him to use his favorite rifle user. Grace is so good. I've been playing for 5 days now and she's level 75. I used all my quest EXP cards on her, and she's boosting my lowbies triumphantly.

I want to make new videos, but I don't have any ideas!! It's like open category all over again.

I wish their mouths can move. Or maybe they can have helmets so that they can talk and their mouths are hidden. And I wish they can do more movements. Maybe an Andre book 11 ^_^

I don't know for how long I can play. My schedule might change soon.

And so, I'm playing all day long and enjoying the game while I still can.

Everyday, increase my spanish vocabulary: labios rojos is red lips, rojo puesta del sol is red sunset. I don't know when to put an s to words, and when not to.
And then, rojo pezones: red nipples ^_^omg

Monday, June 15, 2009

I want to Increase my Spanish Vocabulary

I want to learn more spanish words. It's always cool to learn a new language ^_^

What I learned so far:
El Tejado Verde - The green roof
Los Toldos - awnings, according to language tools
Pradera de Ceniza - ash meadow, prairie, grassland. Pradera is grassland. So, Ceniza must be ash.
Deprimida - depressed. That place really looks depressing.

And now, a sentence.
La Elementalist tiene grandes seƱos ^_^ The Elementalist has great breasts ^_^

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

China Ge to Try 2 New Versions

from : jlmpacific epoch

"The9 (Nasdaq:NCTY) released the free international version of its 3D MMORPG Granado Espada (GE) in a new server farm on June 8. The original game's value-added services and virtual tool mall are not present in the free international version.

GE expects to release a new version, "Dashi Chuanshuo" (roughly, "legend of the master," with new virtual tools and systems in June. "Dashi Chuanshuo" will not be released in the free international server farm."

It's a short article. I don't really understand exactly what it means. There's going to be 2 GE games? I suppose they used the servers from the recently closed WoW.

Hmm, maybe I will try the free international GE, since the article said it was opened last June 8. But the international one isn't the new version, the Legend of the Master... And did I read that right, the virtual tool mall is NOT present... Cash shop is the Virtual Mall, right? And it's not present? Maybe they have ABS there.

And then, I read this from gecommunity

There will be a tourney on June 13 and 14 at the Megatrade Hall 1 and 2.

I really hate this A(H1N1). I know, if ever I get sick, it will be mild and I might not even die, but this flu is making me want to just stay indoors and avoid crowds.

And then, Yahoo Purple.
Greenbelt 3, Lobby 8th June - 10th June (Monday - Wednesday)
Glorietta 3 , Lower Level Lobby 11th June -15th June (Thursday - Monday)
TriNoma, Level 4 16th June - 18th June (Tuesday - Thursday)

Hmm, here I go again, clicking in the China GE website with no idea of what the words mean.
I think this is the international one: http://ge.the9.com/

It has english words such as register, download and activate. The words are still Chinese, not international. I wish I know how to read Chinese.

Umm I don't know how to type chinese characters in the captcha...
So, I suppose it's international for those who can understand it.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft Natal

Plug for Microsoft:

Well, Microsoft just introduced Natal, and since Microsoft also makes Windows, maybe they can make a Natal for PC's, and then repackage online games as fantasy exercise games due to the grind.

Maybe Nintendo will finally cut the Wii's price. Holding Natal's verdict until there is an actual game out.

And then, Dara's palm tree hair ^_^
I am a fan of Dara. In or Out, so sexy.

The9 must really be upset with Blizzard.

Ooh I just realized, since the Natal is a camera, maybe Microsoft is watching.