Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you To Granado Espada IAHGames

During a seminar

Poolside at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

Hard Rock

Pattaya Beach Road. Shaun and I would walk to this road to ride a toctoc. At night, this road is full of people.

The welcoming party. It was dinner.

This was where the exhibits were.

Pattaya Beach

A supermarket

Our TV! I love watching TV

Baggage claim

I thought it was sweet. It was made of what I think is a root crop that was mashed and then it was coated with candle wax to give it its shape. Cute food.

Pattaya InternationalMusic Festival! Rock bands!

Going home...departure area

Thank you to Granado Espada IAHGames and to Linksys.

I had a lot of fun in Pattaya!

I would like to encourage all to join the Trip to Singapore Raffle. It's a trip for two ^_^

So I talked with PurunetonG, but it turns out he's only 12 years old. So I told him to kindly tell his friends, he said they were Astrozombie, Crayonz, Vohn Trappe and luteroPO, who was 19-20 years old.

And then I chatted with SMITHandWESSON. I met him in Island of Fire way back last year, and he still remembers me. He said he has a family, and then he said afk brb.

Anyway, will encourage more people.

It's like the lotto. You'll never win if you don't buy one.

My Pattaya trip with fellow winner, Shaun, was wonderful. I bet the Trip to Singapore will be fantastic too ^_^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am in Pattaya!

I am in Pattaya!
My day started at 6 am, and then at 7, we left for the airport. I had no problems there. I just breezed though immigration and all the checkpoints. Inside the plan, they served us a meal and I watched the movie, Twilight. A few hours later, I heard the pilot say, we’re starting our descent. So I peered through the window and I saw Thailand!
Suvarnabhumi airport is a nice, big airport. It’s made of glass and concrete and the roof was fascinating. I immediately looked for waiting area 4, because that’s where the shuttle meeting place was. I should be there at 3pm, and I didn’t want to miss the shuttle. For some reason, I thought I would wait for Shaun. But later on, I found out his flight was during the evening. So anyway, in the shuttle, here were other delegates of AdFest. I met Mr. and Mrs. Zatorski who work for a company called Tango. They work for Tango. And we had a chat about advertising. He said they were from Poland, and they were looking for talent. So I exchanged contact info with them. He said he wanted to see my ads ^_^ I also said I and to see his ads. He said it may b inn the DDB.com.pl archives. If I find them, I'll share them here. In the shuttle, there was also an Indian couple from Singapore. They said they were making a video about Adfest ^_^
The shuttle stopped at the Hard Rock Hotel around 4pm. As soon as I got in the room, I rested. And then I went to where I am now, typing this blog ^_^ I explored Pattaya, and I saw a lot of shops. There were restaurants, a supermarket, and an internet café!

At night, Shaun arrived. We introduced each other and talked about tomorrow, the AdFest convention ^_^

Here are the pictures.
Hard Rock Hotel

It was a bit cloudy the day I arrived. The staff were courteous and they were about the same age as I am, so I felt at ease.

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hotel Room. MJ's ginormous face

Hotel Room

The airport. They pronounce it like swanapoon

Bangkok Airport

Nice, looong excalators in the airport


Me in Manila with my IAHGames boarding pass lol


I just took this pic a few minutes ago


Monday, March 16, 2009

Prepping for Pattaya

Recap: I won a trip to Thailand! I joined a contest in Granado Espada, which is an online game.

Hi everyone, I just read Gracex's blog and now I'm making mine ^_^

First of all, thank you to Hrin, Granado Espada IAHGames, Linksys, IMCGames, Hanbitsoft, E-Games CM Aethrin and all the sponsors ^_^

My family is exebolt in Rembrandt (exe from the filename and bolt from firebolt, Harry Potter's broom). Recently, I've been joining Undertaker raids since I became an All Stars recruit. And I've also have been AFK in the Bahama Marshlands frequently. So if you see me there, and you are from the formidable E M I N E N C E faction, please don't kill me lol hehehe I know it's PK so I understand. It's all part of the game.

I'm going on a trip to Pattaya! It's on the 18th! At 10:30 am! I must not forget hehehe

I have prepared a lot of things but I still need to make sure that I am really prepared.

Initially, I bought new clothes, new socks, sandals, boardshorts and a T-shirt. And then I asked my Dad to get my passport from the safe so that I won't ask for it at the last minute.

I printed out the emails. It contains the e-ticket, the printout for the shuttle and the one for Hard Rock. I will make photocopies for my family so that they know what's going to happen. They want to go to Thailand too, but they decided not to hehehe I'll be in Thailand with fellow GE friends.

I bought a new phone. It's a basic one, and I will set it to roaming. Thailand has GSM 900/1800. My phone will work there, I hope. I've also given my phone number (+639073192002) to my whole family because it's a new number. I just lost my phone, so that's kinda sad. I miss my Moto SLVR. Tremendously!

I'm afraid to be lost in a foreign place :-)

What else did I prepare?

I dusted off my luggage. And then I did some walking and chin ups. We might go swimming at the beach in Pattaya. But I'm not really fond of the sun! Maybe if I will go swimming, it's during the morning when the sun isn't so hot.

And I will also bring a set of formal clothes. These are slacks, leather shoes, black socks, a belt, a long-sleeved shirt and a tie. I don't know if we need to wear formal clothes during the AdFest. CM Aethrin advised me to bring them. I'm worried the shirt will be wrinkled.

I will also bring a camera and rechargeable batteries plus the charger. Ooh, must not forget the charger for the phone too.

I'll put them all in the bag. I want to pack light. I'll just bring 5 sets of clothes since the trip is for 5 days.

Plus my pocket money. I'll bring extra just in case there's an emergency. And the terminal fee too. I don't know how much the fee is in Suvarnabhumi airport.

I need to know basic Thai too. I don't know how to say hello or how to greet in Thai.

Computer. Well, I don't have a laptop. That's going to be a problem.

Thinking of what to get for the Granado Espada delegates. Maybe I'll bring food and a little trinket.

Online friend Markdavid gave me tips about Thailand. I think he has been to Thailand. Thanks, Mark. Oh my gosh, you won again!? A new phone! Incredible ^_^ (This guy always wins something, from MTV goodies to a Nintendo DSi to movie theater advance screening tickets to cellphones!)

I want to give shout outs to my in-game friends rachmaninof, xRiskbreakerx, Bonita, All Stars Yogen, ReiZeiTei, MonkeyInc, and everyone in my new faction, All Stars.

To MarcyDarcy, I wanted to text take care going back home to California. I lost my phone, and I lost your number too.

Hi to Jetzen, Josh ^_^ Please watch my video hehehe: link that leads to Granado Espada's webpage featuring me and Gracex

I read this, thanks to Fiksdotter family for the feature.

And this, from Ge-Trianna. Thanks for featuring my Boyfriend Girlfriend machinima.

Patronus and DeSanggria, thanks for the interviews.

Le Conquistador UT raid, thanks.

Fellow constellation weapon winner, MizunoSan, thanks for the ST squad.

All constellation weapons and Elite Le Noir and Adelina's Booty Search winners, congrats.

lol I just made an acceptance speech, I've always wanted to do that ^_^

Something exciting and similar: Granado Espada has another all-expense paid trip promotion. This time, it's a trip to Singapore! Read more.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Internet problems

I am frequently disconnecting. Can't play.
Disconecting just at moments when entering a Boss's lair, or before a boss apears, or right after I am talking with someone, or if I just made a trade involving a big ticket item.

I cannot play.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Granado Espada Prizes

I'm featured in a web article! Head on over to the article in Granado EspadaGranado Espada Prizes

I recently went to the E-Games office to claim my prize. The E-Games office is located at the 4th Floor of the Podium in the RCBC Tower. It’s a nice building. I met CM Aethrin, DeSanggria and Sonny Carlos, the GE Product Manager. And they congratulated me for winning the Fantazztic Ads Awards. I received a T-Shirt, a small pen connected to a retractable rope, and Granado Espada Red Packets. I gladly accepted them. And then, CM Aethrin suddenly attached a small sticker on the plastic bag of the T-Shirt. It was code for a Christatus! I was delighted. DeSanggria interviewed me, and I tried my best to honestly answer the questions. I’m not used to being interviewed, and with the spotlight on me, I just answered the best way I can. I can remember some of the questions, but I have to rephrase them in my own words. Some of the questions were: who among the other contestants did you think was your competition? So I answered the previous winners. The Reclusion team, DeSanggria added. I said that they have a reputation already of making great videos, so it’s like there is pressure on their part. What I meant was, it’s like defending their title. Going back to the question, who I thought was my competition, I also answered Tokoyoshi, because he is already an established video maker. Another question was, which among the ads aside from mine did I think was great. I said there were too many, and pinpointing on just one was difficult. After much thought, I agreed when DeSanggria mentioned Tokoyoshi’s Blood Donation ad with Catherine saying “Are you Pregnant?” That was funny. Then I was also asked, among my ads, which is my favorite, aside from those which won. I said, the Play Like a Monster. At the interview, what I wanted to convey was that it wasn’t finished, because it’s hard to capture the monsters in Fraps. And I would have liked to have featured more of the unique monsters in Granado Espada. I said there are some funny monsters in GE, like the Pink Lips in Bahamas, or the gorilla with a dandelion on his face. I thought those monsters have a comedic touch to them, but they’re also monsters that can kill my characters. And then there was also a conversation about how I made a lot of videos, and how did I get the ideas to make the ads. I thought, I made a lot of videos because it’s my chance to learn how to use the programs, and at the same time, maybe get something. And I didn’t know much when I first started making videos. So it’s like I’m practicing making videos. I would proceed with one ad, and then finish it, and then move on to the next. What I wanted to say was, it’s like art. You can practice drawing, and then you draw some more, and eventually you’ll get better at drawing. I also said I just make the ads for fun, and then when I was having a hard time explaining, CM Aethrin added that it’s the passion. That’s the right word to describe it, the passion. If I may explain it further here, my purpose was to have fun making the ads. So I didn’t worry if maybe what I did was too unconventional or too weird. I just wanted to have fun. As for the ideas, I didn’t come up with the ideas instantly. Sometimes, I would leave ads unfinished, and then a few days later, I would suddenly get an idea of how to finish it. Another question was if I would do more ads or videos, will it still be advertisments. I said something similar to: if it’s fun, I’ll do it. I said it may not be advertisements anymore, but it’s going to be using GE as a way of saying thank you. I didn’t want to limit myself to just doing ads. Although, come to think of it, making ads are easier because they are shorter. And by the looks of things, making ads are definitely fun J

And then we proceeded to the photo shoot. It was simple. They asked me to bring beach wear, and I did. It was silly and fun to do, so I did it. They gave me a boarding pass, and on it, it said Pattaya, Thailand. That’s when I finally realized, I am really going there. It seemed unreal before that. I knew I was going, but the realization really sinked in when they gave me the envelope containing the documents for the trip. I was given the e-ticket, and the instructions for the transportation from the airport to Pattaya. I also recieved the document that I need to show at the Adfest. I’m really going to Thailand ^_^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Everyone seems to have a Claude.

So I'm levelling one too. Left him at 71 35%, now he's 52%.
Expert Ele is boosting him. Just the two of them. I wish Claude will level up faster.

Maintenance today. Later, so many things that I could do. I could go to AT to train the Scout. Or to FT for Claude.

4 Socket Tranquilizers failed yesterday.

I have a small face. Shiny forehead.

Anyway, what to do...master first or family level first?

I wish I can win the lotto.


I want to say sorry to Mahoney, Yogen and Bonita. What I wrote was wrong. I know I have hurt all of your feelings, and I regret writing what I said.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Made someone furious, made someone very upset.

Adfest Academy, must bring 3 works, I didn't save them on discs. They're all on YouTube. I don't know if they have Wi-Fi there in the venue, and if they have laptops there that I can use to show 3 ads.

Got a text the other day. It's about Domination III. So I went to the domination website and found the new things. Also, there's an event on March 13 at Lawrence Arcade.

Adfest Academy

I got an email. It said I was eligible to sign up for the Adfest Academy. It's a chance to show your three works to the gurus of advertising. So I signed up, because it's first come, first serve for the first 60. I hope I get in.

I'll show Bee, Show and Upgrade maybe

This experience will really be fun ^_^ The idea of going there is beginning to sink in. Just today, I bought sandals. And getting fit for the beach. Oh my goodness ^_^

But I'm like an outsider. I have no advertising background. I'm just a viewer of all the ads I see on the internet, on TV and so on.

I don't know what comment they will say in the Adfest Academy. What if they say it's mediocre or I've seen this before.

Must get rid of inferiority complex.

Over in GE land, been AFK today. Found out why my computer is disconnecting after a while. It's a power saving feature of Vista. What the heck. So all this time, my AT pass and selling in Auch was wasted because the hard disk shuts down and the LAN card is switched off. Observing now if it will still disconnect.

As for the Palermo Bracelets, well, I have to wait until vet chips are affordable. If ever they will become affordable. Maybe it will, but not soon I guess. Been advised by the faction to chip them myself.

All I can say is, the Constellation weapons are a blessing and a curse at the same time.

As for family level, I think I'll just buy experts. Saves time and electricity. But then, that's big spending. Estimating 18 Experts will bring me to Family Level 30? But then, if I train them myself, I just need to bring them to 100.

As for my NCLEX exam, well, I have to study.

I want to juggle playing, studying and preparing for the trip. Can I do it? I don't know. If I focus on one, then maybe that will succeed, but if I do three things at the same time, maybe all will fail. Must hone skills in multitasking.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maintenance today

It's maintenance.

Will be gone from 18 -22 March.

Today is the 8th?

Reading about the economy is depressing. I wish times were like back then when companies were rich and then there were no problems.

Estimated time of world economy revival: next year? who knows...

I hate camping, I wish camping was fun. I wish there was something to do that's worthwhile while waiting for the boss.

Things to do:
1. Greenhills with Maricel on the 15?
2. Follow up on BLS training
3. Reread book. I wish I can flip and read instead of playing. Addicted again.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I joined All Stars

I joined All Stars. They asked me first.

Since joining, I gained 1 x Sword Breaker and 1 x 100 Chip. And I have given 1 lightning orb and 10 fire orbs to the faction.

Things to do:
1, Chip Palermo's Fire. Problematic. Buy vet chips or get rhodolite. This prize is going to make me poor.
2. Pump up family level. Takes a considerable amount of time.
3. Expert the Fighter. He's almost there. 10% is a blink of an eye, but why is it taking forever. 92%...8% more. 7% ...
4. Expert the Scout. He's nowhere near expert.

Decided on keeping the scout only because of Riff. Was considering another Ele.

5. Master the art of AFK. I need to just press the spacebar and walk away. I keep on coming back to see how they are doing.

Leveling up is an impediment to making vids. And I need to study.

Things to prepare for Pattaya:
1. Airport fee - Php700. Plus airport fee of Suvarnabhumi.
2. Get a briefing on Thailand. I have a delusion of grandeur that I'm a secret agent being sent on a mission.

Things to do to get rich:
1. Sell stuff - witch hat, bear costumes, ocp, rings, 92 equips, rotd keys
2. Be on the lookout for deals

Thoughts so that I don't forget:
1. finish the dance. problem: how to make them move
2. speakerphone, I don't know...still like the song though
3. waterslide

I would like to thank CM Aethrin and his coworkers. I visited their office recently.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Expert

Started December 2007. Two years later, my first expert. The Elementalist. She is now ready to accept two fire constellation bracelets.

Second runner up is the fighter. I really don't like playing with the fighter. He's just weak and moves around so much that if I afk, soon, the trio would disband. But he's what I have, so I have to make the most of it. The fighter is level 109.

The third one is the scout: 102. Blame it on getting distracted with playing with M'Boma, Kurt, Angie, Catherine and the Musketeer.

end of journal entry