Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want to know the future

I want to know what will happen next, since kGE is out and sanpomiti is there but I really have no idea what's next. I am tracking the patterns. I want to understand, so that I can predict and make a plan. Most of the updates are so far in the future that it's useless. I think I need to research more on the secret of the 5 elements or whatever it's called. All I know is it's a secret.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I want another family

I want to pilot another family. Veterans, Because if I start from scratch, I can't deploy them to the Bahamas Underground Ancient Shelter immediately. The Ancient Shelter pass is really good. You can level up fast there, plus you can get items like Le Blancs, Vampiric Edges and other level 100 weapons.

Ideal setting would be a player who stopped playing and then I'll just be the pilot, just like rachmaninof.

Things to consider:
1. My brother is using the other computer, so can only use it when it's vacant.
2. Ownership is the owner's. I'm afraid the pilot will love the account. I'm already getting fond of rachmaninof... but it's not mine.
3. exebolt is $200. with two constellation fire bracelets inside. Who wants to unlock it?
4. Next family would be level 52. So, maybe will take a couple of days for them to reach vet, and then buy 3 veteran scrolls.
5. I'm getting addicted again. Exit strategy is turnover when the owner comes back. But when will he be back? I'm more GE now than real life, must revert to real life and then enjoying video games on the side.


I want to know the formula for getting the ATK.

Long term

So, I am not fit for raids, nor are my characters fit for PVP. PVE, yes, all I need is a Hrin Buff. The ten hour one is wonderful!!!

Hrin buff plus mystic ampule or scout buffs, concentration and then the angel, I don't know what I'm going to do later without the angel buff, it's so good!

Lineup now is Musk, Musk, Scout. I need the scout for resu, as well as I can't have three outragers. Bullets go out fast with just two.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Lonely Soul


I have 3 google voice invites and 8 google wave invites. I guess wave flopped...used to be so hard to get wave invites

Thursday, December 24, 2009


There's a nice website for looking at recipes. It's http://wordwood.merseine.us

I need to catch up on how to get crystal grade 26 and so on. I suppose it's in Zeia.
I assume elite 84 gives crystal grade 26

I still can't tell what it means by level difference yellow, red... I assume when you're fighting a monster that's plus or minus 5 from your level, then yo gain 15-% exp.


I'm thinking of buying a master character but I don't want to support botters, because if I buy from them, they will be encouraged to bot some more.

December 25 in a few hours...

need to find an effective way of spacebaring.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What will happen if I feed the Scout some pet food

What will happen if I fed the Scout some pet food ^_^

Will he be like Pilfurr and Broomy, Pigling and Sith, Rudolph

these are few of my favorite things


Whoa, Musk zoomed! Really love Outrage, and the double exp, and the angel buff. I just press spacebar and they're leveling faster than expected. It's so fun!

Personal: My life is meaningless now. Studied nursing, took the exam, got a US RN license, but the problem is immigration. Had a vacation in the United States of America, would love to stay there, but I could not adjust my status. And I don't want to be an undocumented immigrant. Only way to solve this is to find true love. Like a fairytale, it is like fiction. So, I must survive. Signed up as an agent. I really want to be a secret agent, but I ended up as a sales agent lol ^_^ I am selling condos.

A reminder of my good times, to lift up my spirits during a dim phase:

Next project is to make a Pattaya slideshow.

Machinima is taking a backseat because I want to zoom to master!!

Like a superstar, I want to plug my sponsors lol
The Grand Towers located near La Salle Taft (Vito Cruz), perfect for students, I think it's a great investment, if you want to buy a unit/just want to know more about it, let me know ^_^ my cellphone is 09153751746, my name is Paul

Textm8tes sure if it's fun ^_^

I'm looking for a condo near La Salle

New York was really nice, would love to go back when it's summer and I can see the Statue of Liberty without fog. A symbol of freedom!

Plus, New York! My goodness, surprisingly big, such at the cutting edge of society, something changed, I don't like my change but it is true, it's frightening me, it's making me at peace, it's putting me out of whack, it's making me conclude I'm an evolutionary dead end. No solution in sight. How can I solve it, there is no solution. Solution that I thought of, just kill but I don't want to. It could work, but then, it's like chemo. Would I grow back after all of myself are dead?

Also applied for an architectural job. Must face my fear and just take the exam! I believe any exam, I can pass. Such positive, boastful attitude, I will pass!! ^_^
So then, will be Architect Paul, RN. So incongruent!

I love everything high tech, and it seems the firm is high tech. Hoping to get in.

Really torn between should I just stay here or go back.

end rambling

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm back and happy to be playing

I'm now piloting rachmaninof family. I don't know when the owner will be back, so I'm assuming control. Rachmaninof is a composer.

The flash game above, it was hosted in geocities, but since Geocities closed, I saved it somewhere but I couldn't find it lol ^_^ Maybe I'll make a new one...

Excited to afk 3 musks later when the 100% exp boost is up.

Will be making machinima but not yet, first have to remove all manners of itunes, quicktime and junk that my siblings installed. Needs to make PC run smoother. I like Apple though, it does the job. Currently liking Bad Romance. Hope it's still popular when I get the time to make it.
Direction right now is sexy...follow up to vacation machinima was ^%$ so made it unreleased. (for the director's cut dvd lol I am having delusions)
(secretly plotting to one-up divinicus blog, i love that blog, so sexy, so must go super sexy hehehe)

I also viewed ashardalon blog often... so props for that.

Also, my voice. It's lower! Happy that adolescence is catching up on me, but now, I can't make the female ele voice anymore lol

Who cares anyways, no one's reading this.

so many things I want to do but so little time, I all I want is to play.

This game is so addicting...