Monday, December 27, 2010

long time no post

wow, i forgot about this but just remembered about it now

brings back happy memories :)

good news is the droid account has it's trade lock number reset now :)

But, I have been playing in Bach, to be with friends Mortreux_1 and Fetuccini :)

But I haven't been playing as much as I want to! Blame work.

Castila - wow nice place to play again :)

In other news, I love the Black Eyed Peas but I kinda don't like their new album.. why do I have to point that out...I still love them!

Android... well, the premise was it was supposed to be cheap because the OS is free... but why are the phones expensive!!

Oh well, I know why. Maybe I shouldn't proclaim it as something I want...

Other things I see will strike gold... nothing so far

2NE1, um they are dying down... what happened?? They were one of my watched... I still watch them but I don't like the new things I see from them, except Can't Nobody. I even learned the dance moves for that!

So, the future of phones is tablets :)