Thursday, June 26, 2008

Journal Entry

Where are the gamers? Obviously, most of them are playing the game, and are busy leveling or busy with their lives, that they don't have much time to make their presence known to us who aren't logged in. At least that's what I feel. Having been on a break from playing Granado, it feels nice, I'm back on track to what's important in life, but then I suddenly get the craving to play again. GE is that addictive.

I wonder if other gamers are like me too, wanting to play forever and then suddenly taking a break, and in between, looking at the forums, checking out what's new, what's upcoming and what everyone else is talking about.

I haven't found any more girl gamers. This blog was for a contest, but I'll just continue with this blog. I want to try a pay per post way of making money. I've known way back that people are making money out of their blogs, but I've felt that the money is just a small amount, and that I have to spend my time to create entries that I would not otherwise make if not for the sake of just making the blog active. I don't want to be forced to create content. I want to say what I want to say, when I want to say it, and not because of the money. It's this sense of truthfulness in blogging that I want to maintain.

Have any of you wondered why there are quite a few Granado Espada players who are gay? I've been looking at all the Granado blogs that I could find, and I noticed that there are many Granado Espada gay gamers. I wonder why is that so. Maybe they are just vocal and thus, they blog, accounting for a significant portion of gamers who not only play but also blog. I think it's brilliant on the part of the creators of the game, because gays have no kids, and they don't have to spend for tuition and other expenses for a child as compared to a family with children. This is just an assumption, because families with kids also get a break in spending, in the form of tax deductions for every dependent child. I know it might be confusing, but I think I make sense.

Reduce GE to it's purest form, and what is it? It's a game. A game is meant to be fun, and in congruence with how we, as humans, are, we play games because they are fun. We can't be overly focused on only one game. We seek out more games, because we want to discover other things that are enjoyable. I tried playing Cabal when I got a little bit tired of monotonously killing monsters just to reach expert, and I must say, I keep going back to GE. Thus, a declarative statement: I'll keep playing the game as long as it is fun.

I have an issue with item enhancement. No matter how good a player you are, you will never succeed on item enhancement based on skill alone. It's all based on luck. It doesn't matter if you are the best player in all five servers of Granado Espada. What matters is how much money you have so that you can buy all the boosters and imperviums needed and item enhance and fail until you get +7.

I have noticed that there are no more broadcasts again from real money trade (RMT) websites. It's a welcome relief. I doubt it will stay this way, though, and that is because this has happened before but the offensive broadcasts came back after a few weeks. I suspect the RMT broadcasts are gone because there will be an event in Malaysia wherein Granado Espada is participating. I'm referring to the Animation, Comics & Games Convention on June 27–29, 2008. I have noticed during the E-games Domination II Anniversary, a real life event, that there were also no RMT broadcasts. So maybe they are stopping it when there is a convention, because you wouldn't want curious people who might be interested in playing to be put off by non-stop RMT broadcasting. I know what these websites are. These are seagamer, granadomart, and it's really hard not to know them after being overloaded with their eye-straining advertisements.

Sony Online accepted real money trade in one of their games. This is a real profit, and I know businesses are shrewd. A business is formed to make money, after all. So I wonder why management is turning their backs on money that could go to them. A forum thread mentioned that China Granado Espada has vis as a cash shop item. Is it true? I can't verify this, though, so I can't assume that it is real.

I'm sure this has crossed some people's minds, not just mine: are the people who run Granado Espada also the owners of the RMT websites? There is no proof that I have come across that would prove a link between them. But if you think of a motive, it's the money. The way the RMT websites broadcasted, it seemed like the management was allowing it.

Now why am I saying this now, when the offensive broadcasts have stopped. Well I hope the management would think, "I'll prove you wrong, we don't own these RMT companies, we'll continue to stop these RMT broadcasts to prove you wrong."

I'm glad that I'm not part of the management, because they have to figure out how to fix all these very difficult problems. I'm glad that I'm a gamer on the receieving end, enjoying the game.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Some GE players are also nursing students or graduates.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Met a new friend Bonita

Bonita Michelle, looking for 70K GP. Advised that P750 is available.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Claire will be in Requiem

As a socketing RNPC. But she's not recruitable yet.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Flash game URL

  1. Rufus Reaper and angel beachwear Fighter (conscience)
  2. baby cockatrice (small shoulder pet)
  3. party hat
  4. pearl necklace
  5. triangle pendant (Granado Espada triquetra logo)
  6. flower head band
  7. several hearts
  8. Pets for GE 3.0
  9. Deprodine rifle, sword, rod, bracelet
  10. Thor helmet for Rescue Knight
  11. Romina's hip hop sun visor
  12. Spike neck choker for Catherine
  13. bunny ears
  14. Huge sunglasses for Grandma Grandice
  15. Gumamela Hibiscus flower
  16. kiss marks
  17. blue and silver glasses
  18. yellow Halo
  19. Nurse Cap
  20. Batgirl mask
  21. Cowboy hat
  22. Big hoop earrings
  23. Chandelier earrings
  24. Electric Sword
  25. Bracelet of the Three Kings
  26. Tattoo on Angie's shoulder
  27. light colored fan
  28. necktie
  29. Moustache!
  1. Catherine the summoner
  2. Claire
  3. Angie
  4. Calyce
  5. Grace
  6. Musk
  7. Romina
  8. Feng Ling
  9. Lisa Lynway
  10. Fighter
  11. Elementalist
  12. Idge Imbruglia
  13. Brunie
  14. Rescue Knight
  15. Wizard
  16. Adelina the Pirate
  17. Emilia
  18. Scout
  19. Auch Soldier
  20. Grandice
  21. Reboldoeux Soldier
  22. Karjalainen
Did I miss anyone?
Total file size 956kb
Is a collage copyright infringement or not?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Upcoming Recruitable Non-Playable Character

Calyce is hot!

I wonder if there will be Elite 100 Crossbows

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1 entry

Hello on this first day of June.