Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Got an email, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 now 170, and they're throwing in a free 16GB microSD card and a smart cover...

Plus free 1 GB for three months internet...

Hmm, not really attractive.

Apple, waiting for their new phone. I will just wait in Apple's website instead of reading it first in the news.

GE Land, if you only have 1 laptop, it's so hard to level up your character. So buy another computer?

I don't what's happening there right now.

Still play, but it's like, just finish the daily quests for the exp card, the family reputation cards, that's it.

Angel Pistols still at 45m vis.

Price is stable, like it's not dropping.

Chipping it is difficult.
Used about 50 and still, it sucked.

And then you see these overpriced items.

I'm like, eh, I'll play with real life.

Seriously regretting making a team with Brunie, Rio and Viki. I don't use them anymore. Inferior to two musks and scout. At least, now I know.

Rio, I can't even get the expert stance. I'm not hardcore!

Brunie, she's OK, she can kill monsters a lot.

But the three of them combined, they die easily. They only have 40 HP?

This game feels different from when it was fun a year ago or two years ago.

Maybe I finally have gotten tired of it? Like don't care to grind anymore.

And then no one doing the JB and Team Arena as much as before...

Conclusion is, if you wait, all of these expensive items will become dirt cheap a year from now or two years from now.

But it already mentions the end.

Other online games, how do they compare? Graphics is at par with PS3 or 360?

I still love the character designs. Still top notch. Just don't like the new ones. The originals are still the best.

Like this weirdo dude with book. So uninspired.

Why so whiny today?

Oh yeah Gigamedia just sold? But that was a month ago...

So who owns it now?

Kinda weird, they just bought it and then after a few months, OK, we don't want you anymore. Business

Intel, Razer, Linksys

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