Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Germany Hiring Filipino Nurses

POEA Philippines

Trapped in the downpour, waited inside Robinsons Ortigas. Until 9pm!!

So snags, I didn't have the board rating certificate, so had to go back for that.

An actual passport picture is needed, they don't like it if it's printed on the curriculum vitae / resume. And paste it!

They want your photocopies fastened in the folder in correct order.

Bring your originals because they will want to see it.

About people who were there yesterday and then the next day they went straight inside without waiting, well, I waited, so I felt they should have waited too...

Apple, so here's my thoughts:
Put a messenger on FaceTime, because there was a moment when I wanted to type so that no one hears what I wanted to say lol

Then tried Android, is it really that sluggish?

Was under the impression that Project Butter really improved Android.

Trend, like I feel inferior with everyone having bigger screens than mine.

I hat touch keyboards! That's my conclusion. I type so slow, full of errors too.

I can't see the date and time when the text message was received...

And I keep calling when I wanted to text a reply instead...

GE land, they are almost all masters now lol but still, my weapons are the same. Getting r=tired of playing with pistols. 

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